Your Go-To Sexx Position, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac sign not only tells you a lot about your personality and characteristics in life, it has a lot to do with your bedroom behavior, too. Your sign pushes you to try certain positions in different locations. It contributes to whether you are a self-centered dominant partner or a romantically connected lover.


What does your sign say about your sexual desires?
Aries: Do The Reverse Cowgirl

Since Aries need stimulation and attention, the reverse cowgirl is a perfect position. It shows off your rear assets while displaying your thirst for adventure.
The Stand And Deliver: Taurus

The Taurus has an existential connection with their bodies and wants to express it. Bending your girl over while you hold her arms is the way to go. But you’ll have to get with a Gemini if you want further exploration.
Geminis Bridge The Gaps

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