What Turns Women On Based On Their Astrological Signs

4. Virgo: Missionary

Rebel Circus

A Virgo woman is very practical and very considerate. They find missionary position to be the most comfortable for them and their partner and feel that both partners can completely enjoy themselves best this way.

3. Libra: On Top


The confident Libra woman wants to be on top of her man. She gets turned on knowing that her man is admiring her naked body while she’s in control.

2. Scorpio: Anything


A Scorpio woman loves having sex and isn’t fussy when it comes to positions. The most important thing for a Scorpio? Having a partner with stamina!

Lastly, see what the Sagittarius woman likes.

1. Sagittarius: Masturbation

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Masturbation is a favorite pastime for a Sagittarius woman. She knows her body well and she isn’t afraid to please herself — with or without you.

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