The Major Difference Between Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Cambridge and the SUITS star Meghan Markle both are up top in the world of fashion for their great dressing sense and their style but there are still some differences between Kate and Meghan.

Kate has always been a part of Royal Circle from her childhood but Meghan is yet to know a lot of things when she gets involved with the Royal Family. Prince Harry has been dating Meghan Markle for quite a long time now and they are in love with each other. It’s not a long time to wait before they get married. Recently Harry met her at the inviticus games and they both were seen laughing and conversing playfully. Harry also kissed her on the cheek at the Inviticus Games.

As the fashion world follows Kate Middleton closely, same is the case with Meghan Markle. The fashion market targets every of her outfit and according to a report, every dress that Meghan wore to Inviticus Games with Harry has already been sold. Looks like Meghan also has a good fashion sense after all.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are the two sisters in law that have a small age difference. Kate is currently 35 and Meghan is 36. This reminds us of the famous Royal sisterhood of Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson. But despite of Sarah’s efforts she was never able to compete with the style and personality of the decent and the most elegant Princess Diana.

“Diana was such a massive fashion icon,” Says Royal photographer Mark Stewart. Fergie, meanwhile, “tried all the top designers, but she was always being compared to Diana.”

Kate has a more low-key look while the dressing and style sense of Meghan seems to be inspired from chic streets of Paris. Kate is more elegant and classy than Meghan Markle as her dressing sense is more decent.

Kate said:

“If your outfit is on point, one thing has to be off for you to look perfect,”

10 years older than Fergie was when she got into the royal spotlight with a well-established career to her credit. Meghan is also at a very different point in her life than the royal members who joined before her.

Says Goodwin:

“Meghan is a natural, and her personality shines through.”

With that being said, this reminds us of the fashion competition between the two sisters in law Diana and Sarah and now in this decade, it seems to be the same competition and the race for fashion between the two sisters in law, The Duchess of Cambridge and the actress Meghan Markle.

Kate is really admired but Britons and they are inspire by her style and glamour. Kate has a decent and more elegant look. She wears classy outfits and her pearl earring add to the beauty of her look and style. Her fashion sense is admired by people across the globe.

On the other hand Meghan Markle has rather a bold sense of dressing as seen from her outfits at several events. She wears more provocative outfits and that doesn’t include decency. Her style is also admired by many followers and fashion geeks. As mentioned before, all the outfits she wore on the Inviticus Games with Prince Harry have already been sold out.

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