Prince William And Kate Middleton Next For The Throne!

“While the royal family are likely to conform to the traditional order of succession, it is likely they will continue to use the respective popularity of Prince William, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge to ensure the monarchy’s overarching relevance with the U.K. public.”

The month of August has been rough for Prince Charles and Camilla Parker. It also has been emotional for Prince William. This month marks the 20 th anniversary of the death of Diana. The popularity of Prince Charles and Camilla has decreased over the time and it points to the fact that Prince William might become the King in U.K.

According to the facts and figures the popularity of Prince Charles has fallen, in fact it has dropped to half of the real number. According to a British Poll, only 15 percent of Britons gave negative reviews about Prince Charles and Camilla but this year the number has increased to around 27 percent. Adding to that, 60 percent of the population thought that Charles and Camilla are still good for being a part of royal family. But according to studies, this year that number has decreases to around 36 percent. In the case of Camilla, only 14 percent of the people want Camilla to be the Queen when Prince Charles take over the throne.

Diana’s anniversary is correlated to the dropped numbers of the people in favor of Camilla and Charles. The affair of Charles and Camilla has also been brought up in various documentaries and some books also. In these books and documentaries, while relating it to Diana’s Life. The Documentary was released in 2012, produced by ITV and known as “The Royal Restoration” and shows Prince Charles and his team who tried to restore Dumfries House, a stately home in Scotland.

According to the studies, Prince Charles always said that Camilla will be called ‘princess consort’ but on the other hand, Prince Charles has been secretly been planning to make Camilla the Queen after he takes the throne. But according to a survey, only 27% of the total population wants Camilla to become the Queen.

According to the poles people are in favor of Prince William to become the King instead of his father, Prince Charles. But the fact that these polls were taken at critical time for Charles and Camilla and these numbers might change over time. Moreover, people still don’t accept the divorce of Charles and Diana and they don’t want Camilla to be the queen.

Prince William is more popular among the women and they want him to be the successor of the queen instead of Prince Charles. Studies reveal that 43 percent of the total population want Camilla to be the Princess Consort if Charles becomes the king and only 27% of them want her to become the Queen.

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