People Asked The Internet Questions About their Private Parts And The Results Are Hilarious

When it comes to learning about our bodies, we all have a lot of questions from the get go. Why am I bleeding? Why does my wiener go from soft to hard to soft again? But, for a lot of people, those questions are answered by our parents, older siblings, or a proper sex education.

But unfortunately, not all people get the sexual education they deserve. So these people are forced to either listen to false information, or get their questions asked from the internet. It’s good that they’re curious enough to look for the answers, but those of us with a proper sex education can’t help but giggle at some of these questions.

And yeah, it’s okay to laugh at some of these questions, because honestly, some of them are pretty dang hilarious. But let’s not forget the reason people need to ask these questions, and pray that sex education starts to improve ’cause DA FUQ YO?!??!

These people asked the internet questions about their privates, and the results are hilarious:






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