Prince William Awkwardly Disses Stepmother Camilla

Uh Oh!: Prince William Awkwardly Disses Stepmother Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall in Princess Diana Documentary. Well, that was a bit uncomfortable! Prince William and his younger brother, Prince Harry, candidly spoke out about their mother, Princess Diana, in a new documentary about the late royal — and in one of the TV special’s scenes, William awkwardly dissed his stepmother, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Prince Harry with Camilla Parker Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES

In Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy — which aired on HBO on Monday, July 24 — William, 35, was candidly asked by an interviewer how he is keeping Diana’s memory alive for his two young children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. “We’ve got more photos up around the house now of her and we talk about her a bit and stuff. It’s hard, because obviously [my wife, Kate Middleton], didn’t know her, so she cannot really provide that, that level of detail,” he began.

Camilla’s popularity suffered after it emerged Prince Charles cheated on Princess Diana with her. Credit PA

“So, I do regularly when putting George or Charlotte to bed, talk about her and just try and remind them that there are two grandmothers — there were two grandmothers — in their lives. So, it’s important that they know who she was and that she existed,” William continued. Interestingly, William seemed to emphasize that his children only have two grandmas, his mother, Diana, and Kate’s mom, Carole Middleton. But what about Camilla?

More Britons are ready to accept Camilla as Queen – but a most would prefer Diana. Credit PA

We’re guessing William’s awkward exclusion of his stepmother, Camilla, as a grandmother-figure in his children’s lives was not intentional — especially since the father-of-two and Harry have spoken out in the past about their admiration for Camilla. “She’s a wonderful woman, and she’s made our father, [Prince Charles], very, very happy, which is the most important thing. William and I love her to bits,” Harry once said in a 2005 interview.

Camilla and Princess Kate at the Trooping of the Colour Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES

According to PopSugar, William’s wife, Kate, also gets along just fine with Camilla. In fact, when Kate tied the knot with William in April 2011, Camilla reportedly gave her new stepdaughter-in-law a special bracelet inscribed with both of their first initials. How sweet!

LONDON, ENGLAND – MARCH 09: (L-R) Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles, Prince of Wales attend the Observance for Commonwealth Day Service At Westminster Abbey on March 9, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by John Stillwell/ – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

How Camilla Tortured Princess Diana At Her Wedding Day

Princess Diana famously declared that there were three people in her marriage to Prince Charles, with the third being Charles’s longtime love, Camilla Parker Bowles. Based on facts leading up to Charles and Diana’s royal wedding, it seems this was the situation from the start.

In her new biography of Prince Charles, Sally Bedell Smith shares what happened behind the scenes ahead of the big day. Right before the wedding, Diana overheard Charles “murmuring endearments” to Camilla on the phone. Bedell Smith writes that “sensing a threat, she asked Charles if he still loved Camilla. His reply was genuine but ingenuous: he explained that she had been “one of his most intimate friends” but that their “intimacy had ended.” While there was evidence that Charles and Camilla had ended their physical relationship at that time, it’s not exactly what you want to hear right before your wedding.

Charles also decided to buy gifts for a dozen of his close friends, including Camilla, ahead of the ceremony. Bedell Smith explains that “Camilla’s was a gold bracelet personalized with a blue enamel disk engraved with the initials ‘GF.’ The monogram stood for ‘Girl Friday,’ Charles’s nickname for his intimate ‘friend.'” Diana discovered the gift and confronted Charles. Soon after, Diana broke down following their wedding rehearsal. She was “devastated” and recalled “bawling her eyes out” in the car with the “Camilla thing rearing its head.”

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – JANUARY 31: Prince Charles And Princess Diana Photographed At Home In Kensington Palace. (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)

If that wasn’t bad enough, Camilla was also invited to the wedding at St. Paul’s Cathedral – her then-husband, Andrew Parker Bowles, actually escorted Charles and Diana’s horse-drawn carriage back to Buckingham Palace. Bedell Smith writes that Camilla acted as a disturbing distraction to Diana on what should have been a happy day: “Diana later said she had been so fixated on Camilla that as her father walked slowly up the aisle at St. Paul’s, she raked the congregation until her eyes settled on her nemesis, with her ‘pale grey, veiled pillbox hat.'” Following the procession back to the palace, Camilla and Andrew were noticeably not invited to the wedding breakfast hosted for 120 guests. At least Diana had that..

Diana, Princess of Wales (Diana Frances; née Spencer; 1 July 1961 – 31 August 1997), was a member of the British royal family as the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales, the heir apparent to the British throne. She was the mother of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Prince Harry.


Diana was born into the Spencer family, a family of British nobility with royal ancestry and was the youngest daughter of John Spencer, Viscount Althorp, and Frances Roche. She grew up in Park House, situated on the Sandringham estate, and was educated in England and Switzerland. In 1975—after her father inherited the title of Earl Spencer—she became known as Lady Diana Spencer. She came to prominence in February 1981 when her engagement to Prince Charles was announced to the world.

Diana’s wedding to the Prince of Wales took place at St Paul’s Cathedral on 29 July 1981 and reached a global television audience of over 750 million people. During her marriage, Diana was Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Duchess of Rothesay, and Countess of Chester. The marriage produced two sons, the princes William and Harry, who were then respectively second and third in the line of succession to the British throne. As Princess of Wales, Diana undertook royal duties on behalf of the Queen and represented her at functions overseas. She was celebrated for her charity work and for her support of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines. Diana was involved with dozens of charities including London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital for children, of which she was president from 1989. She also raised awareness and advocated ways to help people affected with HIV/AIDS, cancer, and mental illness.

SHOCKING NEWS: Earl Spencer ‘lied to’ over princes following Diana’s coffin

Earl Spencer ‘lied to’ over princes following Diana’s coffin. Princess Diana’s brother Earl Spencer says he was lied to about Prince William and Prince Harry wanting to walk behind their mother’s coffin.

He said it was a “bizarre and cruel thing” for the princes to do and the funeral procession was “the most horrifying half an hour of my life”.

He told Radio 4’s today: “I was lied to and told that they wanted to do it, which of course they didn’t.”

He spoke as the 20th anniversary of her death approaches on 31 August.

Princess Diana Funeral Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES

“It was the worst part of the day by a considerable margin, walking behind my sister’s body with two boys who were obviously massively grieving their mother.

“It was a sort of bizarre circumstance where we were told you just have to look straight ahead.

“But the feeling, the sort of absolute crashing tidal wave of grief coming at you as you went down this sort of tunnel of deep emotion, it was really harrowing actually and I still have nightmares about it now.”

The earl also said there have been four attempted break-ins at the family home where Princess Diana is buried. He said he had been a “passionate advocate” for William and Harry not to have to walk behind their mother’s body and Princess Diana would not have wanted it.

“Then eventually I was lied to and told that they wanted to do it, which of course they didn’t, but I didn’t realize that.”

Prince Harry, who was 12 when his mother died, has previously spoken about walking in the funeral procession, saying no child “should be asked to do that”.

Princess Diana Funeral Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES

Describing the procession, the earl said he could hear people sobbing, wailing and shouting messages of love to Diana and the princes which was a “very tricky time”.

“But it was impossible not to connect with the emotion coming from the crowd. It was so powerful. Pulsing through us, I think.

“And it was so bizarre, there was a sort of crunching of our procession, the horses and the carriage and our footsteps, and then the incredible crashing emotion coming in from every side. It was really horrifying.”

The earl revealed he wrote the eulogy to his sister in his study, a place loved by Princess Diana, and the speech was about speaking for “my sister who was no longer there”.

His promise at the funeral in 1997 that William and Harry would be protected by “blood family” was seen as an attack on the Royal Family. The earl said he believes Princess Diana would have been proud of his speech, which he re-read to her body a couple days before she was buried.

“I know people will think that I am some sort of fruitcake, but I do remember hearing almost some sort of approval then and then I realized then I probably had got some of the thoughts in order. “

Reflecting on the eulogy, he said: “I don’t feel I said many pointed things. I believe that every word I said was true and it was important for me to be honest.

“I wasn’t looking to make any jabs at anyone actually, I was trying to celebrate Diana and if by doing that it showed up particularly the press I think in a bad way, well, they had that coming.”

The earl’s eulogy also touched on Princess Diana’s eating disorders and also attacked the paparazzi’s impact on her life.

Princess Diana Funeral Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES

“In her final years Diana was really brought low by elements of the paparazzi and the tabloids,” he said.

“I remember she told me about one man that promised to hound her until the day she died, then would urinate on her grave.

“So, she was dealing with a very dark side of the media and, even at her funeral, I think it was appropriate to touch on that.”

The earl said he has re-read his speech for the first time in 20 years and believes it was “very balanced”. When asked whether the Queen, who is his godmother, said anything to him about the eulogy, he said a friend had told him she said he had a right to say whatever he felt.

“I am not some rabid republican, but the speech was about Diana, it wasn’t really about anyone else,” he said.

Princess Diana Funeral Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES

Princess Diana was buried in the grounds of Althorp estate, her childhood home in Northamptonshire, after the earl changed plans for her to be laid to rest in the family tombs at a local church. He said it seemed “natural” to bury her at their family home as he “wanted to keep her safe”. The earl added: “There was such a whipped up feeling of emotion everywhere that I was very worried about where we could safely bury her.

Royal Feud: Why Prince Charles Won’t Allow Princess Beatrice and Eugenie To Be Pampered

It’s a conundrum that has torn the Royal family apart; should Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie be allowed to work as taxpayer-funded royals, much like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry? This question has reportedly left the Queen’s two sons, Princes Charles and Andrew, at loggerheads.

ASCOT, ENGLAND – JUNE 18: Princess Eugenie attends day one of Royal Ascot at Ascot Racecourse on June 18, 2013 in Ascot, England. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images for Ascot Racecourse)

We reported earlier this week that the Duke of York, 56, wrote a letter to his mother demanding that his daughters – who receive no public funding – should carry out full-time royal duties supported by the Sovereign Grant, aka the people’s purse.


It also requested that Beatrice, 28, and Eugenie, 26, be granted better accommodation at Kensington Palace – because they are currently tolerating “small” apartments at St James’ Palace. “Oh, the audacity!” some may snivel.

(FILES) – Picture taken 25 September 1995 in Paris of Claude Pompidou (C), widow of former French President Georges Pompidou, flanked by the princess of Walls Lady Diana (L) and French president Jacques Chirac’s wife Bernadette (R), arriving for the inauguration of an exhibition. Claude Pompidou, 94, died early 03 July 2007 at her home in Paris, according to the Claude-Pompidou foundation. AFP PHOTO / ERIC FEFERBERG (Photo credit should read ERIC FEFERBERG/AFP/Getty Images)

The Queen is said to have been “stunned” by her son’s proposition and left it to her private secretary Christopher Geidt to sort out. He subsequently raised the issue with Prince Charles – who immediately rejected the idea.


The future king’s unwillingness to wrap his nieces in gold-plated cotton wool has allegedly fuelled a rift between the brothers. Charles – whose two sons enjoy the benefits of working as full-time royals – is plotting to carve out a more “streamlined” monarchy.

Condemned as “selfish” in many people’s eyes, Charles isn’t afraid of looking like the villain. Let’s face it, he’s spent the best part of his life as one of the country’s least liked people over the Princess Diana dramas. Not even Voldemort has endured such public wrath. As with his other siblings, Princess Anne and Prince Edward, the heir to the throne has experienced a loving, yet often-tempestuous relationship with his brother Andrew over the years.

Many stories of a feud have emerged in the past, including Charles’ 66th birthday celebrations in 2015 when he and wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, held a party in the grand dining room at Buckingham Palace with close friends and family. At the other end of the palace, Prince Andrew spent the evening sharing a low-key supper with a friend in his private residence. Relations between the brothers have been strained for some time, and the fact that Charles did not extend Andrew an invitation did not come as a surprise to friends and courtiers.

While Anne and Edward haven’t been too vociferous about their royal statuses, and have not demanded royal titles for their children, Andrew has demonstrated an intense desire for more. He has been envious, possibly, of the fiefdom granted to Charles in his endless opportunities as heir – allowing him to finance a parallel “court” and see his two sons Prince William, 34, and Prince Harry, 32, enjoy the freedoms, success and money of being working royals. Andrew simply wants the same for himself and his children. Is that too much to ask, Ma’am?

Princess Diana’s wedding dress designer reveals Horrific memory of late Royal

Princess Diana’s wedding dress designer reveals horrific memory of late Royal. Princess Diana’s wedding dress designer has spoken about the late Royal in a touching new interview. Elizabeth Emanuel shared her memories of working with Diana to mark the 20th anniversary of her tragic death.

Speaking on Saturday Night with Miriam on RTÉ One, Elizabeth told how after all of the years that have now passed, she still remembers the moment she was told about Diana’s death. Elizabeth explained: “It’s 20 years really and I remember the minute that I heard it and I expect so many other people remember that as well.

“It was so horrific. She was such an amazing person. I mean she genuinely was.

“She was fun and she laughed a lot and it was such a joy to be able to, you know, work with her on her gown.”

Princess Diana’s wedding dress designer reveals HORRIFIC memory of late Royal Photo (C) RTE, GETTY IMAGES

The 64-year-old fashion designer is best known for her 1981 wedding work for the Princess of Wales along with her former husband David Emanuel. She continued to Miriam O’Callaghan: “It was a wonderful, wonderful time. I’ll never forget those days.”

The interview on Irish television comes after a series of new Diana documentaries aired in the UK.


Prince William and Harry spoke for the first time about the passing of their late mother as they looked through old photographs for an ITV program.

Elizabeth Emanuel shared her memories of Princess Diana on Saturday Night with Miriam Photo (C) RTE

However, Channel 4 controversially stirred the Royal pot by airing secret Diana tapes where she spoke candidly about her life with voice coach Peter Settelen. The broadcaster then went further with another documentary entitled Princess Diana’s ‘Wicked’ Stepmother.

Prince William Talks About Princess Diana

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge was born 21 June 1982 and is the elder son of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana, Princess of Wales. He is second in the line of succession to the British throne, after his father.

William was educated at four schools in the United Kingdom and obtained a degree from the University of St Andrews. He spent parts of a gap year in Chile, Belize, and some parts of Africa. In December 2006, he completed 44 weeks of training as an officer cadet and was commissioned in the Blues and Royals regiment. In April 2008, he qualified as a pilot by completing pilot training at Royal Air Force College Cranwell. He then underwent helicopter flying training in order to become a full-time pilot with the RAF Search and Rescue Force in early 2009. His service with the British Armed Forces ended in September 2013.

Prince William admired his mother Princess Diana and in a documentary he talked about her and said that she was the best mother. In the documentary, he didn’t talk about Charles much. He told that she was great mother. Princess Diana was very famous for her charity and works for the welfare. She worked in the fields of Cancer, HIV AIDS and landmines.

Prince William was asked if he knew about the depth of the work she was doing. He replied:

“I knew a fair bit of it. Mainly because she came back with these stories that were full of excitement and the passion for what she’d been doing and I sort of used to sit there as a sort of you know, surprised little boy at the time sort of taking it all in. I never realized quite how much of impact she had. You could see and feel when she was talking and visiting that she really connects and shares about what she’s doing. I applaud her for all her you know dedication and drive into doing that and I think that it was infectious enthusiasm and the energy she really had that really rubbed on me for causes such as this”

Pregnant Kate Middleton Is Due to Welcome Her Twin Daughters in April!

Pregnant Kate Middleton Is Due to Welcome Her Twin Daughters in April. There will be two more princesses at Kensington Palace! Now that Kate Middleton is roughly four months into her third pregnancy, she already found out the gender of her babies — yes, babies! Sources exclusively reveal to Life & Style that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with twin girls! Watch the video below to find out Kate’s due date!

Britain’s Prince William (center), Prince Andrew (left) and a bearded Prince Harry (right) take part in the Remembrance Sunday Cenotaph service in London

Now that Kate and her husband Prince William know the sex of their babies, they’re already making lists of possible baby names and they’re drawing from ancestors from the House of Windsor for inspiration. “They’ve drawn up a list of baby names they both like, which include Victoria, Alice, Olivia, Alexandra, and Elizabeth,” says the royal’s insider.

Kensington Palace announced the couple was expecting again back in September after the Duchess’ acute morning sickness, hyperemesis gravidarum, forced her to miss a public appearance. It was previously believed that William had let slip where exactly she was in her pregnancy.

Kate Middleton stood by the Queen on Remembrance Sunday [Getty]
After speaking at the National Mental Health and Policing conference in Oxford, England, on Sept. 5, an audience member congratulated the 35-year-old royal. He reportedly responded, “Thank you, it’s very good news. There’s not much sleep going on at the moment.” He continued by saying “it was a bit anxious to start with,” but that the duo could “start celebrating this week” — which many took to mean that Kate was approaching the 12-week mark.

Kate Middleton joined Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip on Saturday evening for the Festival of Remembrance Photo (C) STEFAN ROUSSEAU/PA WIRE/AP

Before that, the future king hinted that Kate could give birth sooner than her due date! According to Elle UK, the Prince made the admission during a trip to Spitalfields Crypt Trust, a charity that supports those dealing with homelessness and addiction in East London, on Sept. 19. “All the best with the midwifery, I may see you sooner than you think,” he told a mid-wife during his visit to the organization.

Kate Middleton joined Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip on Saturday evening for the Festival of Remembrance Photo (C) STEFAN ROUSSEAU/PA WIRE/AP

The twins will be fifth and sixth-in-line to the throne, following grandfather Prince Charles, father Prince William, older brother Prince George, and older sister Princess Charlotte — who will not be passed over thanks to a recent change in the law of succession concerning gender.

Sarah Ferguson To Remarry Prince Andrew Supports Duke of York In Underage Romance Scandal

Sarah Ferguson is desperate to remarry Prince Andrew and has stooped to defending the alleged underage sexual abuser to try to win The Duke of York and his great wealth back. Sarah Fergie Ferguson was never considered particularly media-savvy, and she’s proving that she doesn’t deserve that moniker with her recent remarks to the press.

51492184 Celebrities seen on a night out at the Chiltern Firehouse in London, UK on July 31, 2014. Celebrities seen on a night out at the Chiltern Firehouse in London, UK on July 31, 2014.
Pictured: Sarah Ferguson FameFlynet, Inc – Beverly Hills, CA, USA – +1 (818) 307-4813 RESTRICTIONS APPLY: USA ONLY

Obviously, everyone’s heard about Prince Andrew’s involvement in that gross underage sex scandal rocking the interweb. They’ve also heard rumors of Fergie’s possible romantic reunion with Prince Andrew, but I think everyone assumed that Fergie would refrain from commenting on the sex scandal if the opportunity came up.

But alas, that’s not what Sarah Ferguson did. Even though a 17-year-old masseuse claimed that she was pimped out by convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to Prince Andrew multiple times. Sarah is claiming that she’s sticking fully behind her man.

51492185 Celebrities seen on a night out at the Chiltern Firehouse in London, UK on July 31, 2014. Celebrities seen on a night out at the Chiltern Firehouse in London, UK on July 31, 2014.
Pictured: Sarah Ferguson FameFlynet, Inc – Beverly Hills, CA, USA – +1 (818) 307-4813 RESTRICTIONS APPLY: USA ONLY

Fergie was cornered by reporters in French ski resort Verbier, and when asked about whether she was supporting Prince Andrew amidst all the allegations, she replied, “The York family is a tight unit. We’ve always been a tight unit. He is the greatest man there is. It was the finest moment of my life in 1986 when I married him. He is a great man, the best in the world.”

Umm.. I get that Sarah sees herself marrying Prince Andrew again in the future, but pretending as though he’s the ‘best in the world’..? Come on, I don’t think anybody here agrees with that, even before the underage sex scandal came out in the media.

51491055 British royals Sarah Ferguson and her daughter Princess Eugenie spotted out for lunch at Cafe Felix in New York City, New York on July 30, 2014. After lunch the pair hugged and Princess Eugenie went to work and Sarah headed to the airport to catch a flight. **NO GERMANY, FRANCE, OZ/NZ** FameFlynet, Inc – Beverly Hills, CA, USA – +1 (818) 307-4813 RESTRICTIONS APPLY: NO GERMANY,NO AUSTRALIA,NO FRANCE

Sarah Ferguson desperately needs a new PR person, or she needs to figure out how to stay silent about topics that she has no wisdom about. There’s little chance that Prince Andrew wasn’t involved with this scandal explicitly, but the fact that his name is connected to it is enough to publicly scar his image for life. And yet, Fergie still wants to remarry him…..

What do you guys think? Is Fergie committing career suicide by supporting Prince Andrew so publicly? Or is she just thinking about how she wants to remarry him in the future?

51491063 British royals Sarah Ferguson and her daughter Princess Eugenie spotted out for lunch at Cafe Felix in New York City, New York on July 30, 2014. After lunch the pair hugged and Princess Eugenie went to work and Sarah headed to the airport to catch a flight. **NO GERMANY, FRANCE, OZ/NZ** FameFlynet, Inc – Beverly Hills, CA, USA – +1 (818) 307-4813 RESTRICTIONS APPLY: NO GERMANY,NO AUSTRALIA,NO FRANCE

Sarah Margaret Ferguson was born on 15 October 1959 at London Welbeck Hospital. She is the second daughter of Major Ronald Ferguson (1931–2003) and his first wife, Susan (née Wright; 1937–1998). Sarah’s older sister is Jane Ferguson Luedecke, a public relations executive now living and working in Australia. After Sarah’s parents divorced in 1974, her mother married polo player Hector Barrantes in 1975 and moved to Trenque Lauquen in the Argentine pampas. Sarah stayed at the 480-acre Dummer Down Farm at Dummer, Hampshire, her father’s home since age 8. Major Ferguson married Susan Deptford in 1976 and had three more children: Andrew, Alice, and Elizabeth.

51491065 British royals Sarah Ferguson and her daughter Princess Eugenie spotted out for lunch at Cafe Felix in New York City, New York on July 30, 2014. After lunch the pair hugged and Princess Eugenie went to work and Sarah headed to the airport to catch a flight. **NO GERMANY, FRANCE, OZ/NZ** FameFlynet, Inc – Beverly Hills, CA, USA – +1 (818) 307-4813 RESTRICTIONS APPLY: NO GERMANY,NO AUSTRALIA,NO FRANCE

Sarah attended Daneshill School, Stratfield Turgis and then Hurst Lodge School, Ascot. After finishing a course at Queen’s Secretarial College at the age of eighteen, Sarah went to work in a public relations firm in London. Later she worked for an art gallery, and then a publishing company.

Fans of Prince Harry have defended him today after he was criticized

Prince Harry’s beard defended by fans after he’s accused of ‘letting Queen down’ Read. Fans of Prince Harry have defended him today after he was criticized for not being clean shaven at a Remembrance Sunday service. Servicemen were shocked to see Prince Harry in full uniform and sporting a beard at the Cenotaph as the British Army forbids all facial hair.

Prince Harry wore the officer uniform of the Blues and Royals today (Picture Getty Images)

Prince Harry left military service two years ago to concentrate on official duties and charity work but when wearing the Blues and Royals officer uniform he is expected to abide by regulations. One serving member of the cavalry regiment said: ‘Prince Harry is letting us all down. There’s no place for beards in the Queen’s cavalry. He should have shaved it off for such an important day.’ Prince William, Prince Andrew and the Prince Charles all were clean shaven for the service, which is seen as one of the most important dates in the Royal diary.

Oh no! Prince Harry had a beard in Army uniform at the Cenotaph; that’s TOTALLY unprecedented.Photo (C) TWITTER

The British Army is one of the last bastions in society which has refused to relent on its anti-facial hair stance in the face of the beard’s unlikely comeback in the last five years. Only if a soldier or officer has a skin complaint or are a practising Sikh can they have a beard. However, fans of Prince Harry soon took to social media to defend him against criticism.

I can’t believe Prince Harry is getting grief because he wore a beard at the Remembrance Service Photo (C) TWITTER

Many cited his charity work and his successful launch of the Invictus Games for wounded military personnel. Mark Abrahams tweeted: ‘Prince Harry didn’t shave his beard for the Cenotaph ceremony today. Let’s face it, it’s hardly the worse thing he’s done. We have bigger problems in the world.’ And the question of whether Prince Harry had let down the nation, the military or himself was even debated by people in other countries.

Britain’s Prince William (centre), Prince Andrew (left) and a bearded Prince Harry (right) take part in the Remembrance Sunday Cenotaph service in London

The Blues and Royals is one of the most prestigious regiments in the military, the Queen is Colonel-in-chief, and it can trace back its history to the days of Oliver Cromwell’s 17th Century New Model Army. A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence told MailOnline: ‘On background I can confirm that Prince Harry is no longer a serving officer and therefore does not have to comply with any of these regulations. ‘He is, however, a member of the Royal Family and at times his duties require him to don the uniform of a tied or associated regiment and does so with a beard, as did his great-great-grandfather before him.’

British Army rules forbid all beards, except in a few rare circumstances, such as when a soldier is suffering from a skin complaint, or has strong religious reasons for retaining facial hair.

It is not the first time the Prince’s ginger facial follicles have hit the headlines, only last month he was voted as having the world’s sexiest beard. A survey of 1,000 people by Manchester’s hair transplant center Crown Clinic placed the Prince above Hollywood stars Ryan Gosling and Idris Elba.

The Duchess of Cambridge watched the service from a balcony of the nearby Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Photo (C) PRESS ASSOCIATE TWITTER

Charles Realized It Was A Mistake To Marry Camilla

Prince Charles is reportedly so wracked with guilt over his affair with Camilla that he is rethinking their marriage. According to new idea the Prince of Wales is ready to walk away from his marriage to Camilla because he can’t live with how much hurt their secret affair caused Princess Diana. He and Camilla have been having problems for years but his guilt over Diana was the last straw.

A royal insider told the magazine he can barely look at Camilla. At the moment Charles feels like their marriage has been a big mistake and he wants to live out his final days without the guilt and she loved what they did to Diana hanging over his head. It’s also reported that Prince Charles is devastated that his sons have opened up to the media about the effect their mother’s death had on them.

He feels like his affair might have contributed to their pain seeing the effect her death has had on their sons has also given Charles a lot to think about and he’s feeling a lot of guilt. The source said it comes after a new poll revealed that the British people don’t want the Duchess of Cornwall as Queen. The Sunday Express reported 67 percent of people are against Camilla stepping into the role of Queen. A further 19 percent don’t she is fit for the role.

It was also reported yesterday that Prince Charles is struggling emotionally. Thanks to the torrent of news items detailing Princess Diana’s life and untimely passing it is fair to say Prince Charles is feeling pretty raw and emotional with a lot of the pain from the past being dredged up again. A source told The Sunday Express seeing story after story recounting what happened during Diana’s frequently unhappy marriage to Charles has brought up a lot of uncomfortable emotions for the Prince the source said.

A media scrutiny around Prince Charles, Camilla and Diana intensifies in the lead-up to the August 31 anniversary of Di’s death, a new poll reveals the British people don’t want the Duchess of Cornwall as Queen. She was the other woman in Charles’ marriage – and Camilla has always struggled to win public favor. The Sunday Express reports 67 percent of people are against Camilla stepping into the role of Queen. A further 19 percent don’t she is fit for the role.

The results have come following a damning documentary aired in the UK, exposing revelations from Princess Diana about her troubled marriage. Camilla’s future title has always been a controversial issue, with Prince Charles said to be staunchly supportive of his wife becoming Queen. At the time of their 2005 wedding, the royal family released a statement which seemed to indicate that wouldn’t be the case.

“It is intended that Mrs Parker Bowles should use the title HRH the Princess Consort when the Prince of Wales accedes to the throne,” the announcement said. However in a telling move, Clarence House now refuses to comment on what Camilla’s title will be if and when Charles takes the throne.

Camilla is the eldest child of Major Bruce Shand and his wife Rosalind Cubitt, the daughter of Roland Cubitt, 3rd Baron Ashcombe. She was raised in East Sussex and South Kensington, and educated in England, Switzerland and France. She worked for different firms in central London, most notably the decorating firm Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler. In 1973, Camilla married British Army officer Andrew Parker Bowles, with whom she has two children. They divorced in 1995.