7 Things Every Woman Wants From a Man To Keep Her Happy

Being a guy, I’ve always been sort of intimidated whenever I’ve heard people say “you don’t know what women want”, “no one knows what women want”, “understanding women is like rocket science” and so on and so forth. I’ve always hated the generalization that women are hard to understand, women are just as easy to understand as men. It isn’t justified to just label a gender as “hard to understand” just because a few people of the opposite gender find them hard to understand or just because they can’t comprehend them. So, for the normal and unbiased people out there, I’m writing about seven things every guy can do to make his woman happy and content.

Let’s begin:

Loyalty is one of the first traits that keep a relationship alive and strong. When loyalty gets affected, the entire relationship goes out the window within mere moments no matter how long it took for that relationship to get there. Complete transparency is vital for every relationship and everyone needs to realise this fact.

6. Honesty

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Being honest is one of the easiest ways to a woman’s heart. Men, even if you make a mistake, just be honest about it. Being honest is much better than making someone go through the trouble of hearing your lies and finding out the truth later on and getting badly hurt by it. It’s always better to be open and honest about your past and your own individuality. Don’t try to be someone else in front of her, or you’ll be faking the relationship entirely when you finally show her your true side. Make sure she loves you for who you are and not what you “could’ve been” or “can be”. Be honest, it doesn’t cost anything and it has a lot of rewards.

5. Time

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I’ve said this countless times, “time” is one of the most precious gifts you can give someone. When a man takes out time for his woman, he’s making an effort above all else. Take out time from your busy schedules, have your very own separate days with her where it’s just you and her. Regardless of how busy your life is, always take proper time out for your woman. It’s all about priorities.

4. Understanding

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After having a lot of arguments with my girlfriend, I finally realized where I was going wrong. I was always there for her both emotionally and physically whenever she needed me, but in her dark moments I didn’t understand her as well as I should’ve. Now I finally actually know what she means and when she needs me. True understanding takes a lot of time to achieve but it’s well worth the effort. Understand your women, it’s not impossible.

10 Things All Women Do When They Are Cheating In Relationship

Nothing is as heartbreaking as waking up one morning and discovering that the woman you have invested time, money, emotions and energy in, is cheating on you.

Society has painted this stereotypical image of men not committing to any single woman but the exact opposite is true. Most men are looking for a companion in life and finding that special person validates any amount of sacrifice and commitment required to build a healthy relationship. Unfortunately, that’s just a single component of the dating equation.

Truth be told, it’s harder to maintain a relationship than to start one. With that being said, we’ve drawn up a list of 10 warning signs that may shed some light on whether or not your partner is as committed to your relationship as you are. Slide 7 is a major warning sign, don’t miss it!

10. She Suddenly Has An Unfounded Interest In Your Routine

A fine line exists between a woman being clingy and suspiciously inquisitive. If her motive for inquiring about your schedule isn’t to spend more time together, it could be fair to suspect that something fishy is going on.

This wouldn’t be the first time a man has unexpectedly returned home to find his woman in bed with another man.

9. She’s Become Withdrawn And Distant

The longevity of any and every relationship depends heavily on the quality and quantity of communication between two people. One of the most worrying signs to look out for is when your partner displays a weird sense of withdrawal and a lack of communication. Always keep in mind that secrets breed lies.

8. Her Phone Becomes Her Most Prized Possession

Although online social networking has brought about an abundance of opportunity and entertainment, it hasn’t come without its fair share of drawbacks. Nobody is advocating the idea of men snooping around phones, but when your partner becomes overly possessive and secretive of her phone, it could be because she’s indulging herself in some meat candy (if you know what we mean). As worrying as this sign is, the next one is far worse.

7. Her Interest In Romance And Sex Drastically Decreases

Without physical intimacy, your relationship is nothing more than a friendship. We’re not just talking about sex, physical contact in the form of kissing, cuddling and flirting are all essential attributes of a healthy and romantic relationship. If she presents a serious lack of interest in romance and sex with you, her partner, she’s possibly getting it from someone else.

Marry Her if She Has These 9 Qualities 5th Is important

A supportive and loving girlfriend plays a great role in one’s life. There is nothing more beautiful in this world to be loved. Loving someone is the most beautiful feeling and loved by a right person is a blessing. If you are in a relationship with a girl, you should definitely check these signs in her. And if you find these qualities in her, you should believe that you have a gem and you are a lucky one! And you should adore her the most.


A girlfriend is like a support system for a boy. She’s always there by his side in thick and thin. Sometimes a girl demands for change in behavior with the change in situations that become quite difficult for a guy to accept. For example, if a girl is in low mood state, she would demand you to be more polite and loving towards her. Couples have most of their conflict in these type of situation. If your girlfriend accepts you as who you are, always remember that you have a great person in your life and you should stick to her, and never let her go.


S*x is believed to be an essential part in a relationship. It makes your relationship stronger. If a girlfriend is comfortable enough and you guys have no communication gap, she is truly a loyal partner. Boys really like those girls who love to talk about s*x and s*xual matters. Sometimes, there are some s*xual matters that need to be solved as soon as possible. Because s*xual issues are the reason of conflict in a relationship, so it should be solved quickly. If a girlfriend is cool enough, she will definitely discuss those matters and solve the problems. That also shows your concern about your relationship!


People say long- distance relationships are never believed to be successful. There are many reasons for that such as communication gap, s*xual issues and conflicts that are never being solved. It is not easy to make understand your situation to the other person who is sitting far away from you. You will not feel that comfortable talking to him/her. If a girlfriend supports you in the idea of long-distance relationship, she’s one person to be appreciated. Because in long-distance relationship, there comes a time, when you guys can’t be together but you badly need your soulmate to be with you. She handles such situation sensibly and lovingly.

7 Subtle Signs You’re Hotter Than You Think

When I was in school, I wasn’t what you would normally call “hot.” I had freckles, red hair, I was slightly chubby and I wore a lot of black. Like, a lot. But as I got older, my style changed, and all the things that I hated about myself as a teenager made me attractive as a grown woman.

Hindsight is 20/20, and at times, I think of myself of the nerdy, gothy, awkward teenager that no guy gave a second look. This happens to a lot of us. As teenagers, we’re too tall, too short, too thick, too thin, too quiet, too loud, too… well, everything. And the way people thought of us back then can really stick with us as adults.

This brings me to the burning question: Are you hot and don’t even realize it? The short answer is: yes! Because you’re all beautiful in your own wonderful and unique ways. It sounds corny and cliche, but it’s true. Here are a few signs you may be way more attractive than you think:



Have you noticed that when you walk by someone, people kind of look up at you? That’s called presence, and you have it. You turn heads because you’re attractive just by being who you are.



A lot of women assume that you know you’re hot, so you don’t get a lot of compliments (which can sometimes make you think that you’re not hot, unfortunately!).



“Oh, but you get that a lot since you’re so [insert compliment here], I bet!” Em… I’m sorry, but no?



We often hate things about ourselves that make us stick out, but that’s often what makes us attractive, so people don’t understand when we’re insecure about it. “Ugh, I hate my eyes, they’re too big!” can seem like the oddest statement to someone who hadn’t been called “frog eyes” for their entire childhood.



OK, sometimes these guys are weird for weird’s sake, but at other times you’ve simply mesmerized them and they can’t help but gaze at you as you awkwardly try to ignore them while sipping on your drink.



You’re often in relationships, or dating someone, or someone’s into you. And you kind of think that’s normal.



While you’re off living your life, trying to be happy, trying to be your authentic self, people are watching on and admiring you for your beauty – inside and out.

Men Love To Be Teased, Here’s 3 Things You Can Do To Win Him Over.

One word: Attraction. And not just any kind of attraction, but what I call emotional attraction…

What is it that gets a guy to ask you out, keeps you on his mind, and makes him keep moving a relationship forward? One word: Attraction. And not just any kind of attraction, but what I call emotional attraction. This is when a man feels a connection with you that goes beyond the physical.

So, how do you create this level of curiosity, intrigue, and interest?

When dating, my love advice is love advice is to create attraction with a man is to do and say things that interject fun and humor into your relationship from the very start. There’s nothing more appealing to a man than a great woman who knows how to relax and have fun. And the universal way that men relax, have fun, and bond is through playful teasing.

Think about it: Guys do this all the time when they joke around with each other, play games, or make up all the silly pranks and guy stuff that men do. It’s a low pressure, high enjoyment way to unwind and express friendship.

Many guys (often erroneously), think that spending time with a woman means giving up this kind of fun, which is why they’ll say that things got “too serious.” So, if you can inject a little teasing into your relationship with a man, he’ll see that you’re not like the other women he’s known, and it will amplify his attraction for you.

People Asked The Internet Questions About their Private Parts And The Results Are Hilarious

When it comes to learning about our bodies, we all have a lot of questions from the get go. Why am I bleeding? Why does my wiener go from soft to hard to soft again? But, for a lot of people, those questions are answered by our parents, older siblings, or a proper sex education.

But unfortunately, not all people get the sexual education they deserve. So these people are forced to either listen to false information, or get their questions asked from the internet. It’s good that they’re curious enough to look for the answers, but those of us with a proper sex education can’t help but giggle at some of these questions.

And yeah, it’s okay to laugh at some of these questions, because honestly, some of them are pretty dang hilarious. But let’s not forget the reason people need to ask these questions, and pray that sex education starts to improve ’cause DA FUQ YO?!??!

These people asked the internet questions about their privates, and the results are hilarious:






11 Things You Should Never Do To Your Private Parts

It’s important to understand your body. Especially your privates. A woman’s private area can seem complex, because in some respects it is. But if you have the knowledge to treat your vagina right, it will have great benefits to your overall health. There is so much misinformation out there, that we decide to set the record straight. For instance, often times in the media we see women orgasming within seconds of sexual intercourse, but the fact is, not all woman can even get off from penetration. Really, one source says 75% of women need stimulation of the clitoris to achieve climax. And that’s not the only thing, There are many many more that you should know of. Here are 11.

#1. Avoid the sweets. Some woman say that taking some sugar and rubbing it down there will make it taste better for your partner. Don’t do it! Because vaginas are self-cleaning, rubbing sugar on it will upset the pH balance which could cause yeast infections.

#2. Keep it dry. During your showers, try not to get too much hot water in your privates. It may cause drying and irritation. No need to use cold, though. Warm is perfectly fine. When you get out, be sure to pat the outer areas dry.

#3. Decorations: Vajazzling become a popular trend amongst women a few years ago. Basically, you add sparkly gems outside the area after a wax. While that’s cool, avoid putting anything inside and keep it closer to the stomach area if you can.

#4. Tight clothes: Every woman has at least one pair of skinny jeans in her closet, but did you know they could be hurting your vagina? “Everything is only good in moderation,” says gynecologist Dr. Ava Shamban. “If tight clothing is worn too regularly, it can sometimes bring unwanted side effects such as yeast infections or pressure acne.” No need to get rid of your skinny’s all together, but avoid everyday wear.

Your Go-To Sexx Position, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac sign not only tells you a lot about your personality and characteristics in life, it has a lot to do with your bedroom behavior, too. Your sign pushes you to try certain positions in different locations. It contributes to whether you are a self-centered dominant partner or a romantically connected lover.


What does your sign say about your sexual desires?
Aries: Do The Reverse Cowgirl

Since Aries need stimulation and attention, the reverse cowgirl is a perfect position. It shows off your rear assets while displaying your thirst for adventure.
The Stand And Deliver: Taurus

The Taurus has an existential connection with their bodies and wants to express it. Bending your girl over while you hold her arms is the way to go. But you’ll have to get with a Gemini if you want further exploration.
Geminis Bridge The Gaps

6 Things You Can Do For Your Partner That Are More Intimate Than Sexx

Sex is NOT the most intimate thing in a relationship!
A lot of times, people will limit their perceptions of physical intimacy with other people to that of what takes place in the bedroom. These people have to understand that physical intimacy shouldn’t be limited to some playful action underneath the sheets. Intimacy can manifest itself in various shapes and forms that don’t necessarily have to be sexual. Every experienced couple in a relationship knows that intimacy is a vital part of shaping and forming a healthy romantic union. A relationship that is devoid of intimacy is practically a very dull friendship. There is no denying that sexual explorations are a whole lot of fun, but they don’t have a monopoly on what it means to be intimate with another person.

If you are still lost and don’t know how to go about being intimate with your partner aside from having sex with each other, read on until the end of this article. You have to understand that sex can only be as exciting and as invigorating as it is for a certain period of time. If you want to preserve the excitement of sex, then you have to be willing to mix things up and express your intimacy with your partner in other ways as well. The diversity in your manifestations of intimacy will only add more fuel to the fire of your passionate love affair. Here are a few examples on how you and your partner can become intimate without having sex.

1. Look deeply into each other’s eyes.

Image result for Look deeply into each other’s eyes.

The eyes are the window to the soul. This cliché still holds true today. There is something exhilarating about staring deeply into the eyes of a person you love very much. It’s as if you are being granted access to the deepest and darkest parts of a person’s core. The level of intimacy between two people staring deeply at each other’s eyes is immeasurable. It’s a different kind of intimacy compared to that of a physical touch, but that doesn’t mean that it is any less potent.

2. Sleep together in bed and just lie there with each other without having sex.

Image result for Sleep together in bed and just lie there with each other without having sex.

You don’t have to have sex for you guys to be intimate. The act of sleeping together in the same bed can serve as a greater metaphor of comfort and security with each other. You wake up in the mornings and live your individual lives as you face the world on your own; but after all is said is done, the both of you come home to each other to sleep on the same bed. There are few things in the world that are more intimate than that.

Each Zodiac Has Its Own Kinky Love Making Position. Which One Is Yours?

Those who believe in the power of astrology are used to receiving predictions about their love life and financial fortunes from their daily horoscopes. Not only that, but a person’s zodiac sign can also be used to identify the key personality traits of themselves and those around them. So it only makes sense, then, that the Zodiac should also be able to help individuals identify their ideal sex positions.

We’ve saved you the hard work and assembled a list of the best sex positions for each Zodiac sign. Find out what yours is in the following slides.

12. Unleash Your Inner Mad Scientist


Aquarius is identified as The Water Bearer, and is known for being creative.

With that in mind, their ideal sex position makes perfect sense. Affectionately known as “Scrub-A-Dub Love,” this position involves getting into a bathtub that’s half filled with water, having your partner sit down, then crouching on his lap facing in the opposite direction. Grab the showerhead and let it work its magic.

11. Bring Your Dreams To Life


Pisces are known to be compassionate and imaginative, so a creative yet intimate position is well-suited for this sign.

The Magic Mountain position involves both partners facing each other with legs bent, leaning back on your hands. Slowly, you move closer to one another until your bodies intertwine. For added intimacy, gaze deeply into your partner’s eyes while your hips grind together.

10. A Sexual Trailblazer


It makes sense that the ram would be best suited to one of the more risky positions on our list.

The position of choice for Aries is The Lap Dance, which is pretty much what you would imagine. Your man sits upright and naked in a chair while you straddle him.

Up next is Taurus, and with that sign, we get back to the basics…

9. Getting Straight To The Point


One of the key traits of Tauruses is their yearning to seek security and enjoy earthly pleasures. And what’s more secure and pleasurable than the tried-and-true Missionary Position?
You’re almost certainly familiar with this position, but if you want to spice it up a bit, try tightening your legs around your man while pinching his nipples or squeezing his butt.