Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Marriage Troubles Exposed on Princess Diana and Camila

Charles and Diana as doomed relationship there has been many signs that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are having marriage troubles. Kate and Prince William’s relationship has eerily taken a similar course beset with woes beginning with the fact William wanted to marry Isabelle rather than Kate Middleton, like Prince Charles wanted to marry Camilla Parker Bowles not lady Diana. The aristocratic model was very interested in William but turned him down because she was unwilling to endure the strains of Royal Life. Issabelle moved on marrying Sam Branson but rumours of Prince William’s wandering eye persist beyond Isabella.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles endured 14 years of marriage that was filled with stress infidelity and heartache. Diana knew Charles was still in love with Camilla parker-bowles just before she walked down the aisle but then Lady Diana Spencer hoped the affair would end once she married Prince Charles. As we all know the infidelity between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles did not end and Diana and Charles continued their marriage because as Princess Diana told BBC s Martin Bashir during an interview in 1995 that they didn’t want to disappoint the public.

Kate and William have seen firsthand how their split would be handled during their month-long separation. In September 2014 Kate Middleton took refuge at her parents’ home in Bucklebury while Prince William continued the royal duties. Eventually Queen Elizabeth had enough and forced the two to reconcile at Balmoral Castle by late October. Kate was back to making public appearances and attending to royal duties.

Diana quickly learned how to use the media to her advantage but cave is known how to work a camera and manipulate the royal family where Diana was naive Kate Middleton isn’t. Princess Diana once noted here was a fairy story that everybody wanted to work so it was isolating but it was also a situation where you couldn’t indulge and feel sorry for yourself. You had to either sink or swim and you had to learn that very fast princess. Kate Middleton swam from the start and has been instituting her family’s medley class values from the moment she walked down the aisle.

The Middleton rules as some senior members of the royal circle dubbed them insist on a family-oriented lifestyle that often breaks royal protocol. However Kate’s control in the March of the Middletons may be overstepping the bounds. The Duchess and her family are constantly feuding with Queen Elizabeth and Kate has taken to controlling Prince William and his schedule rolling with an iron fist. The stress of the royal lifestyle, the fact that Kate is Prince William is second choice and the war between the Middletons and the Queen has led to the Duchess shying away from the public and battling depression. Rumors as she becomes reclusive Diana also succumb to depression the people as princess openly explained her sadness stating when no one is listening to you all you feel when no one is listening to you all sorts of things start to happen for instance, you have so much pain inside yourself that you try and hurt yourself on the outside, because you want to help, Princess Diana explained. But it has the wrong help. You reacting, for people see it as crying wolf or attention-seeking and they think because you are in the media all of the time. You’ve got enough attention but I was actually crying out because I wanted to get better in order to go forward and to continue my duty and my role as wife, mother and Princess of Wales. The contrast between Kate and Diana shows in how they are responding the downfalls of depression and the pressure of marrying into royalty.

The Duchess of Cambridge has snubbed social events taking extra time away from her royal duties and is currently planning a Middleton family vacation in November. Royals have stated Kate plans on returning to her royal engagements in the fall conversely. Princess Diana revealed in the support and adoration of the public media. I was compelled to perform when I say perform I was compelled to go out and do my engagements and not let people down and support them and love them. Diana said in a way by being out in public they supported me. Although they weren’t aware of just how much healing they were giving me, it carried me through.

Kate Middleton will hardly go quietly into the shadows. The Duchess loves to evoke the feeling of Diana whenever she can. Despite her alleged displeasure with the constant comparisons every outfit Kate wears and even the clothes she dresses. Prince George and Princess Charlotte in are reminiscent of Princess Diana the two appear to be intertwined sharing similarities that ended in tragedy for Lady Diana Spencer. Prince William being front and center for his mother and father’s crumbling marriage is likely on damage control the Duke of Cambridge has maintained a happy public image but what is going on behind the scenes must be incredibly stressful.

When it came to splitting Diana admitted it was actually a relief in some ways asserting we had struggled to keep it going but obviously we ran out of steam in a way I suppose it could have been a relief for us both that we had finally made our minds up.

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  1. Why can you not leave them alone , William is nothing like his father, Diana would turn in her grave over this ridiculous rumor

  2. I do believe that Camilla should never be allowed to become Queen as she was the one who connived with Charles and finally got Diana out of the way. I only hope that William and Kate over come the problems that have now arisen between them, and that Camilla is given her marching orders.

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