How Charles Got Inclined Towards Camilla

After Charles’s confession, Andrew felt his hand had been well and truly forced, he’d stayed with Camilla for the past five years, the period in which she and Charles had been seeing each other again. For the sake of the children, for his part he’d been involved for some years with Rosemary Pittman, whose husband Hugh was a friend and fellow polo player. The two couples had known each other for many years, but Rose had finally got fed up with her husband’s roving eye and knowing there was a vacancy had fallen into Andrews arms. Camilla was well aware of this and liked rose, they remained friends despite this unorthodox arrangement.

Lady Diana Spencer and Camilla Parker-Bowles at Ludlow Races where Prince Charles is competing, 1980. (Photo by Express Newspapers/Archive Photos)

Andrew and Camilla had somehow managed to continue with their normal lives together, they’d go to dinner parties, see family and friends or stay at home with the children. Then when the opportunities arose, he would see Rose while she would see the prince. There’s no doubt Camilla had been happy with the way things were. So understandably she was annoyed with Charles for making his televised confession. Andrews position was now untenable, it was one thing for their friends and families to know about his wife’s love affair, quite another for the entire world.

To know Brigadier parker-Bowles the director of the royal army, veterinary Corps was now Britain’s  most famous cuckold, besides he already knew that Camilla’s affair wasn’t a mere fling. Some years before, on a Sunday night Andrew who had to be in London during the week had come back to the flat he shared with his brother-in-law. Nick par eve Seany looking utterly crestfallen, in fact Nick had never seen him that upset in all the years he’d known him. That weekend at the family’s country home, Andrew had found some letters that indicated his wife’s affair was not the harmless fling, he was shattered it was the real thing. She was in love, even so he hadn’t planned to leave his wife until he’d quit the army. Their son Tom had gone to university and their daughter Laura had left school, but now that he’d been bounced into it, he wanted to marry rose now a divorcee herself.

When Andrew told Camilla he wanted a divorce, she was shocked in her characteristic way she hadn’t wanted to think about the future, the whole thing was too difficult to contemplate, the children were less surprised. They were grown up by now and coped with the split remarkably well. Because it was so very amicable, Camilla’s world seemed to be imploding.

The Dimbleby broadcast had coincided with the death of her mother Rosalind at the age of 72, grieving and in shock Camilla spent a lot of time with her sister hidden away at Annabelle’s large family house at store pain in Dorset. Even her divorce was no longer a strictly private affair. In November 1995, Diana released a final salvo, her interview with Martin Bashir for the BBC current affairs program panorama, looking pale and vulnerable with heavy black coal lining her eyes, she brushed away the odd tear as she explained why her marriage had failed. There were three of us in this marriage, she said memorably so it was a bit crowded.

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