Here’s What Happens To Your Poop In An Airplane Toilet

About the Blue Liquid

The blue liquid used in the airplanes toiler system is called Skykem, and it works as a deodorant and purifying the waste. The liquid is non-sticky, which helps the suction process to properly “grab” all of the waste you drop in the toilet.

The Closed Waste System

Once you press the flush button, the contents are exposed to a pneumatic vacuum. That pneumatic vacuum swirls the contents of the bowl (together with the blue liquid) into one of the tanks – this is called the “close waste system.”

The Toilet Tank Can’t Be Ejected

There is a myth that says that the airplane’s toilet tank can get ejected if the captain sends the command. This is entirely incorrect – the captain can’t eject the tank, as that would be blatantly dangerous to anyone below on the ground.

What about

The reason the myth of the “ejectable toiler tank” spread, is because some people have seen some of the airplane toilet’s blue liquid falling on the ground. The liquid got called “blue ice” due to its frozen state. That’s normal, as the liquid is frozen due to the temperatures and wind it took to reach the ground.

What Happens on the Ground?

Previously on this article, it was mentioned that once a plane safely lands on the ground, a truck comes to remove all of the excess waste. What happens to the excess waste that is poured into the truck? Unfortunately, that answer is a mystery.

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