Here’s The Devastating Question Prince Harry Asked Right After His Mom’s Tragic Death

Prince Harry didn’t even know if the unthinkable was true. He had to ask his father for confirmation because life just seemed to be moving forward as normal although his mother had died. It was handled tragically.

“Prince Harry actually asked his father, ‘Is it true that Mummy’s dead?’” biographer Tina Brown discloses in the program.

Prince Harry was confused because although they were at the church service, the late Princess of Wales wasn’t even mentioned. Rumor has it that Queen Elizabeth did not want to upset her grandsons so she made sure Princess Diana’s death was not mentioned in their presence. But the public saw this as just another example of her “cold detachment” that Princess Diana had to deal with while part of the royal family.

The fact that her death was not mentioned at Crathie Kirk church, proved that the Queen was just trying to protect her grandsons. But it was probably the wrong move. It only incited more confusion and tragedy. The truth could have been better.

Ingrid Seward, who works as royal biographer, captured the public reaction perfectly.

“The first thing we saw of the boys was when they were going to church for Sunday service. And people were saying, ‘How could they? These boys have just lost their mother.’ It was almost like the tug of war, you know, ‘she’s ours, she’s ours’.”

The fact that Diana was not mentioned at the Sunday service also shocked Daily Mail reporter Richard Kay at the time.

“A lot of people found it extraordinary that at that time, no mention was made of her passing,” he said. “That, I think, did ring a bell all over the country. The Royal Family did not want the focus to be so on Charles Spencer walking behind the coffin. They thought that would, that wouldn’t be right, that somehow it would set the Spencers apart from the Royal family.”

About Prince Harry:

Harry enjoys playing many sports, playing competitive polo, skiing, and motocross.[22] He is a supporter of Arsenal Football Club. Harry is also a keen Rugby Union fan and supported England’s bid to host the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Britain’s Princess Diana wears the Spencer tiara as she and Prince Charles attend state dinner at Government House in Adelaide, Austraila, Nov. 7, 1985. (AP Photo/Jim Bourdier)

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