Duchess Of Cambridge Gives Meghan Markle Advice On Handing With Engagement To Prince Harry

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge said that she and Prince William were excited when they heard that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting engaged.

Prince Charles announced Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement through Clarence House, after a 16-month long-distance relationship.

Kate Middleton told about her excitement during a visit to the Foundling Museum in central, London, in the type of engagement Meghan will soon find herself involved with on a regular, more public basis. The museum is dedicated to the history of the UK’s first children’s charity and public art gallery the Foundling Hospital.

Kate Middleton, the pregnant mother of George and Charlotte, advised Meghan and Harry to accept the media and the attention around them and play cool and nice.

Kate, who wore a black and white dress with pleated skirt by Kate Spade, said: “William and I are absolutely thrilled.

“It’s such exciting news.

“It’s a really happy time for any couple and we wish them all the best and hope they enjoy this happy moment.”

Last night Meghan explained how Kate had welcomed her into the fold, spending plenty of time with the Duke and Duchess in their home in Kensington Palace.

In Meghan and Harry’s first televised interview as a couple, she said of Kate: “She’s been wonderful.”

She added the whole Royal Family had been “amazing” and supportive.

Harry revealed how he felt introducing Meghan to his family, especially his brother and Kate.

He said: “It was exciting.

“I mean I’ve – you know I’d been seeing her for a period of time when I literally didn’t tell anybody at all.

“And then William was longing to meet her and so was Catherine.

“So you know being our neighbours we managed to get that in a couple of – well quite a few times now.”

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