Watch Video Kate Middleton, Prince William and Harry Tribute to Princess Diana

William and Harry read Princess Diana tributes as Kate joins princes at memorial garden

PRINCE Harry and William have taken a moment to read emotional tributes to Princess Diana after visiting a memorial garden with Kate to mark 20 years since their mother’s death.

The princes spoke to well wishes as crowds gathered to pay their respect as millions did nearly 20 years ago. Prince William and Harry stayed shut off from the public in the Queen’s summer residence of Balmoral in the days after Princess Diana died.

But 20 years later the brothers faced crowds and even personally delivered the public’s floral tributes to the gates of Kensington Palace. In a sombre few minutes outside their home, Prince William and Harry were seen crouching down to read messages from those who Princess Diana inspired.

Banners, photographs and flowers have massed at Princess Diana’s former London home in an emotional vigil stirring memories of the week that shook Britain.

One read: “As the sun shines of Princess Diana and her family may it also shine forever in all our hearts as we remember our special Princess.

“Her work continues through her loving sons Prince William and Prince Harry.”

Earlier, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, joined William and Harry on a tour of the newly planted White Garden in the place they too call home.

The tranquil garden has been planted in the Princess’s memory, inspired by her life and fashion tastes, 20 years after she was killed in a car crash in Paris.

The Princess of Wales brought the world to a halt when she died on August 31 1997. And admirers have already begun leaving floral tributes and photographs of the late royal at the gates of Kensington Palace, just as they did 20 years ago.

The Duke and Prince have used this 20th anniversary year to promote the importance of seeking help for mental health problems – a plight Princess Diana began decades ago.

They have spoken candidly of their mother in a series of interviews in the run-up to this milestone year, describing their own memories of her life, charity work, and funeral. Prince Harry has said: “There’s not a day that William and I don’t wish that she was still around.

“She was our mum. She still is our mum. And of course, as a son I would say this, she was the best mum in the world. She smothered us with love, that’s for sure.” Earlier this year Prince Harry revealed he sought therapy in a bid to deal with the death of his mother.

He told the Telegraph: “…On grief, I find talking about my mother and keeping her memory alive very important.

“I find it therapeutic to talk about her, and to talk about how I feel.”

The garden at Kensington Palace is today filled with white flowers and foliage and was inspired by memories of Diana’s life, style and image, including her white “Elvis” Catherine Walker dress.

Head gardener Sean Harkin showed the trio some of Diana’s favourite flowers, including classic white roses, scented narcissi and a carpet of forget-me-nots around the existing Sunken Garden, of which the Princess was particularly fond.

The stunning foliage surrounds a reflective pool with ornamental grasses weaving through Cosmos daisies.

Gardeners recalled how Diana would stop when passing for a chat about their work creating ever-changing floral displays.

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Marriage Troubles Exposed on Princess Diana and Camila

Charles and Diana as doomed relationship there has been many signs that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are having marriage troubles. Kate and Prince William’s relationship has eerily taken a similar course beset with woes beginning with the fact William wanted to marry Isabelle rather than Kate Middleton, like Prince Charles wanted to marry Camilla Parker Bowles not lady Diana. The aristocratic model was very interested in William but turned him down because she was unwilling to endure the strains of Royal Life. Issabelle moved on marrying Sam Branson but rumours of Prince William’s wandering eye persist beyond Isabella.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles endured 14 years of marriage that was filled with stress infidelity and heartache. Diana knew Charles was still in love with Camilla parker-bowles just before she walked down the aisle but then Lady Diana Spencer hoped the affair would end once she married Prince Charles. As we all know the infidelity between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles did not end and Diana and Charles continued their marriage because as Princess Diana told BBC s Martin Bashir during an interview in 1995 that they didn’t want to disappoint the public.

Kate and William have seen firsthand how their split would be handled during their month-long separation. In September 2014 Kate Middleton took refuge at her parents’ home in Bucklebury while Prince William continued the royal duties. Eventually Queen Elizabeth had enough and forced the two to reconcile at Balmoral Castle by late October. Kate was back to making public appearances and attending to royal duties.

Diana quickly learned how to use the media to her advantage but cave is known how to work a camera and manipulate the royal family where Diana was naive Kate Middleton isn’t. Princess Diana once noted here was a fairy story that everybody wanted to work so it was isolating but it was also a situation where you couldn’t indulge and feel sorry for yourself. You had to either sink or swim and you had to learn that very fast princess. Kate Middleton swam from the start and has been instituting her family’s medley class values from the moment she walked down the aisle.

The Middleton rules as some senior members of the royal circle dubbed them insist on a family-oriented lifestyle that often breaks royal protocol. However Kate’s control in the March of the Middletons may be overstepping the bounds. The Duchess and her family are constantly feuding with Queen Elizabeth and Kate has taken to controlling Prince William and his schedule rolling with an iron fist. The stress of the royal lifestyle, the fact that Kate is Prince William is second choice and the war between the Middletons and the Queen has led to the Duchess shying away from the public and battling depression. Rumors as she becomes reclusive Diana also succumb to depression the people as princess openly explained her sadness stating when no one is listening to you all you feel when no one is listening to you all sorts of things start to happen for instance, you have so much pain inside yourself that you try and hurt yourself on the outside, because you want to help, Princess Diana explained. But it has the wrong help. You reacting, for people see it as crying wolf or attention-seeking and they think because you are in the media all of the time. You’ve got enough attention but I was actually crying out because I wanted to get better in order to go forward and to continue my duty and my role as wife, mother and Princess of Wales. The contrast between Kate and Diana shows in how they are responding the downfalls of depression and the pressure of marrying into royalty.

The Duchess of Cambridge has snubbed social events taking extra time away from her royal duties and is currently planning a Middleton family vacation in November. Royals have stated Kate plans on returning to her royal engagements in the fall conversely. Princess Diana revealed in the support and adoration of the public media. I was compelled to perform when I say perform I was compelled to go out and do my engagements and not let people down and support them and love them. Diana said in a way by being out in public they supported me. Although they weren’t aware of just how much healing they were giving me, it carried me through.

Kate Middleton will hardly go quietly into the shadows. The Duchess loves to evoke the feeling of Diana whenever she can. Despite her alleged displeasure with the constant comparisons every outfit Kate wears and even the clothes she dresses. Prince George and Princess Charlotte in are reminiscent of Princess Diana the two appear to be intertwined sharing similarities that ended in tragedy for Lady Diana Spencer. Prince William being front and center for his mother and father’s crumbling marriage is likely on damage control the Duke of Cambridge has maintained a happy public image but what is going on behind the scenes must be incredibly stressful.

When it came to splitting Diana admitted it was actually a relief in some ways asserting we had struggled to keep it going but obviously we ran out of steam in a way I suppose it could have been a relief for us both that we had finally made our minds up.

The pregnant Duchess of Cambridge stunned in a sequined gown as she joined Prince William at the Royal Variety performance

Pregnant Kate dazzled in sequins at the event PA. The pregnant Duchess of Cambridge stunned in a sequined gown as she joined Prince William at the Royal Variety performance.

William and Kate arrive at the Royal Variety Performa(AP)

The pair’s glamorous arrival was delayed following a huge terror scare in central London. Reports shots had been fired on busy Oxford Street and nearby Oxford Circus Tube station saw armed police place a swathe of the popular shopping hub on lockdown.

William and Kate, who is pregnant with their third child, arrived an hour later than scheduled for the star-studded evening gala at the London Palladium. Despite being four-months pregnant, Kate’s baby bump was not showing beneath her dazzling cornflower blue, floor-length Jenny Packham gown.

Kate was handed a bunch of flowers as she arrived at the performance (Getty Images)

A traditional pre-show line-up, in which some of the performers proudly get to meet the royal party, had to be dropped. The royal couple graced the red carpet before accepting some flowers and swiftly heading straight into the packed auditorium for the national anthem, marking the start of the evening. Artists including Louis Tomlinson, Paloma Faith and Seal are among those who are taking in the stage in front of up to 2,000 people at the annual charity event.

The Duchess’s baby bump did not show in her sequined gown (PA)

Singer James Blunt, who was due to perform, cancelled his slot last minute after the delayed start meant he would not make a later concert appearance, according to a theatre spokesman. A Kensington Palace spokesman said the royal couple had been “delayed” but were in time for the start of the performance.

Police are investigating what caused panic among thousands of rush-hour commuters and Black Friday shoppers in the heart of central London. Armed police had raced to Oxford Circus Tube station and Oxford Street after receiving 999 calls reporting that shots had been fired.

But around 90 minutes after responding, police said there was no evidence of any shots, casualties or suspects. Oxford Circus Tube and Bond Street stations have reopened, most cordons have been removed and the area has returned to normal.

Prince William gives a big sacrifice for Pregnant Catherine Duchess of Cambridge

Prince William gives a big sacrifice for Pregnant Catherine Duchess of Cambridge. Prince William gives up hobby him ‘LOVES’ for pregnant Kate. PRINCE William has revealed he gave up a hobby he loves for the sake of his pregnant wife Kate and their family. The Duke of Cambridge, whose wife is expecting their third child in April, revealed he has temporarily given up a rather dangerous pass time.

While meeting triple World Superbike champ Jonathan Rea, Wills reportedly said he is giving up motorcycling. Northern Irishman Mr. Rea met the 35-year-old prince during an honors-giving ceremony at Buckingham Palace where the sportsman received an MBE. And Wills apparently revealed he is putting his passion for biking on hold for his family. Mr. Rea said: “I know he’s a bit of a motorcycle fan himself.

The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William arrive at Windsor Castle to attend Queen Elizabeth’s and Prince Philip’s 70th wedding anniversary dinner [Getty]
“We talked about his bikes and the fact that he has put it on the back-burner a little bit because of his children now.”




FANS Prince William and Harry are both fans of motorbikes

William’s and his Brother Prince Harry’s love for motorbikes has been charted over the years.

In 2008, they competed in a tough rally across Africa to raise money for various charities that are close to their hearts.

The Duchess of Cambridge wears a bracelet from Queen Elizabeth [Getty]
The Duke recently revealed his favorite foods are a roast chicken and rare steak. But he added he has to give the under cooked meat a miss while Kate is pregnant and unable to eat it.

Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William Love Up During The Variety Performance Show

The Duchess of Cambridge, who is currently pregnant with her third child, appeared with the smallest hint of a baby bump on show through her sky blue floor-length Jenny Packham gown embellished with jewels just two months after Kensington Palace confirmed the news that a new royal baby is on the way.
On October 17, Kensington Palace confirmed on Twitter that the due date is in April 2018.
Tonight, the Duchess was joined on the red carpet by husband Prince William for the variety performance, and wore sparkly silver stiletto heels which peeped from below her floor length gown.
She also held a small silver box clutch, and wore her hair in tight chocolate brown curls which fell around her face.

The royal couple arrived an hour later than scheduled for the star-studded evening gala at the London Palladium but were greeted by eager fans and a bunch of flowers for the four-month pregnant Kate.
Kensington Palace tweeted: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are tonight attending the @RoyalVariety Performance.
“The Royal Variety Performance takes place every year and is in aid of the @RoyalVariety Charity, of which The Queen is Patron.
“The money raised from the show helps hundreds of entertainers throughout the UK, who need help and assistance.”

Tonight’s Royal Variety performance marks a return to the London Palladium Theatre after the event moved elsewhere for the last two years.
The Palladium has been home to the Royal Variety Performance more than any other venue, hosting the gala 40 times over the decades.
And this year the event is being hosted by comedian Miranda Hart, with guests including the cast of 42nd Street, Paloma Faith, Michael Ball and Seal.
There was a false start to the event as the curtain did not go up for the first act – a glittering tap dance bonanza from the cast of the 42nd Street stage show.

Host Miranda Hart jokingly teased the audience about whether they spotted if anything had gone wrong before reintroducing the act.
Kate, 35, was left in fits of giggles when her husband was forced into a spot of audience participation with the lights shining on him.
Wiliam, 35, enthusiastically took part in a comedy skit with Hart, obligingly shouting her catch-phrase “such fun” on request.
Hart, who said compelling the future King to participate was on her to-do list for her Royal Variety duties, said she later hoped to see him galloping – another one of her trademarks – and “knighting me with a lightsaber”.

Singer James Blunt, who was due to the perform, was a last minute withdrawal after the delayed start meant he would not make an later concert appearance, according to a theatre spokesman.
A Kensington Palace spokesman said the royal couple had been “delayed” but were in time for the start of the performance.
The performance will be shown on ITV in December.
The delayed appearance comes after Scotland Yard urged anyone on Oxford Street to “go into a building” after gunshots were reported at about 4.38pm. One woman was injured as she left the train station.

The One Accessory That Kate Middleton Always Wears

Earrings are a powerful accessory to add to the personality and looks. Kate Middleton wears her pearl earrings when she goes out and that make her look classier and prominent as the member of Royal Family.

The girl with the pearl earrings. Why Kate reaches for her favorite accessories for every occasion and she has taken inspiration from Princess Diana. She’s regarded as one of the world’s most sartorial occlude of women. Thanks to her polished and classic style and experts say it’s all thanks to one simple accessory that the Duchess of Cambridge turns to again and again as top sugar points out Kate has been championing her pearl drop earrings ever since 2012 going on to sport Demi garden parties race days charity visits and even to make her debut in front of the cameras with a newborn Princess Charlotte in May 2015. When the Duchess attended a reception at Buckingham Palace to mark the UK and be a year of culture, less than a fortnight ago, she reached for her favorite earrings once again. Gem experts say the 35 year old mother of two is right to reach for pearls. Thanks to their timeless quality and the fact they’re synonymous with purity and innocence.

Rebecca Cher, gemologist at the told Fennell that they’re a great option for women of all ages because they’re elegant and classic. Rebecca also notes that Kate has seemingly taken a leaf out of the late Princess Diana and also the Queen’s book when it comes to accessorizing. She explained some of the Queen’s favorite personal jewels are pearls which may also be why Kate tends to choose them. Diana was also a fan of pearl and was very often photographed wearing them on her walkabouts. The gem expert notes that you can wear pearls with hair up or down and because kate chooses green colors more often, they enhance her skin tone and match any outfit. She chooses to wear regardless of color. Sappho Bram, our founder and head designer of sparkle and jewelry adds, the girl drop hearing is synonymous with purity and innocence. Which she says is the perfect image for a member of the royal family.

We all know that the Duchess of Cambridge is extremely elegant. But to a normal member of the public, someone who wears pearls is always perfectly presented and the pearl drop earing is a subtle signal to let everyone know that their wearer is sophisticated and refined, she said and Kate has one particular pair of earrings she turns to in particular and they’re not as pricey as you’d expect.

Belinda Scott from heavenly necklaces believes that Kate was gifted the brand 58 pounds pearl and diamond earrings in 2012. She said we spotted her wearing them many times before they were outed by Royal bloggers who argued online about whether the Duchess would actually wear 48 pounds fakes. They are now 58 pounds as we had to add that after the world found out and we sold more pairs in a week as we usually sold in a year.

Belinda also cites the Countess of Wessex as a friend and client with so many occasions and outfits on-the-go at all times. She gets pieces from us especially to travel with said Belinda.

The trends might change but the British Family has to come up and appear in a decent manner. Kate Middleton has a very decent and attractive personality and she always wears classy outfits. This makes her personality look even classier. To add to that, the pearls she wears, add to the beauty of her personality. She has been seen to always wear classy earnings that suit perfectly with the outfit she wears. As said before these pearls make the person look even more prominent and classy. So does Kate look!

Glowing Duchess of Cambridge shows off blossoming baby bump

Glowing Duchess of Cambridge shows off blossoming baby bump at Aston Villa football club. A grinning Duchess of Cambridge showed off her blossoming baby bump as she accompanied her husband on a visit to the Aston Villa football club.

Even dressed casually, The Duchess of Cambridge always looks fabulous! Photo (C) GETTY

The Duke and Duchess had spent the morning having a go at off-road driving at the Land Rover plant in Solihull before visiting the football club, to support their sports coaching initiative. After speaking with employers and sporting groups, the couple met youngsters from Prince Albert Infant and Junior School taking part in on-pitch training. Kate, who is expecting the couple’s third child in April, had her growing bump on display under a thin black jumper and bright jacket.

Duchess Kate looked on top form at Aston Villa Football Club Photo (C) GETTY

The Duchess looked happy and relaxed as she chatted and laughed with youngsters on the Coach Core scheme – designed by the royals to support young people from deprived areas. She spoke with 10-year-old pupil Sidrah Batul who described her as “kind and pretty” and was presented with a card and flowers from Iman Shazad, also 10. It is the Duke’s first official visit to Villa in four years, when he witnessed a 0-0 draw with Sunderland in November 2013. Keith Wyness, club chief executive, also spoke with the Duke and then turned to Kate to quip: “Welcome back to the home of one of your husband’s other passions.”

ON A HIGH Kate looked to be in a joyful mood having overcome her morning sickness stage

The Duchess, smiling, replied: “Yes, he’s been very excited by it.” William, who is President of the Football Association, laughed and said: “It’ll be interesting to see if she’s been listening to any of my conversations about football”, causing Kate to joke “I knew I should have.” The couple, who also are parents to Prince George and Princess Charlotte, earlier got into a spot of bother on the rock crawl part of the Land Rover course. But instructor Ro Furby, who accompanied the Duke around the circuit, said the royal guest had done “amazingly well”.

LESSON LEARNT Kate pushed her hair up into a bun after the windswept incident

Observing that almost every driver new to the course stops at a “little quirk” part-way up the rock crawl, Ro added: “It’s just a point where the vehicle actually articulates and you lose a little bit of traction.

“And you learn that a nice way to recover from a loss of traction is to change your lines subtly. It’s something that we do use as learning for any guest that actually takes on that obstacle.”

Prince William, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince Harry SECRET VISIT

Prince William, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince Harry SECRET VISIT

Prince William, Kate and Prince Harry all carried out secret engagements on Tuesday, although none of their official duties were revealed in advance. The royal trio had separate events to attend to; William carried out an investiture, his wife Kate met with psychiatric experts while Harry attended a Walking with the wounded reception in London. This is not the first time the royals have flown under the radar, of late.

The Duchess of Cambridge joined husband Prince William, and Prince Harry at Paddington Station Photo (C) GETTY

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry attended a special dinner last Thursday in honor of their Royal Foundation. The event, which was not announced by the palace, took place at Sunbeam Studios in west London, a quick 15-minute drive from the royals’ Kensington Palace home. Details were kept strictly under wraps, although a guest shared a photo of her invitation on Instagram.

LONDON, ENGLAND – AUGUST 30: (L-R) Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge are seen during a visit to The Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace on August 30, 2017 in London, England. The garden has been transformed into a White Garden dedicated in the memory of Princess Diana, mother of The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry. (Photo by Kirsty Wigglesworth- WPA Pool/Getty Images)

“The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry request the pleasure of your company at The Royal Foundation Dinner,” the invite read. An accompanying letter showed instructions of how to get to the venue, asking guests to be there for 6:45pm, ahead of William, Kate and Harry’s arrival. The letter added: “Please note that photography and mobile telephones are strictly prohibited and we ask all our guests to switch off their telephones upon arrival. There will be a professional photographer in attendance.” The dinner, which had a lounge suit and cocktail dress code, ended at approximately 10:15pm.

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William, and Prince Harry Children Party at Buckingham Palace

At the start of November, Kate also hosted a private meeting at Kensington Palace. The round table discussion, which was not announced beforehand, focused on maternal mental health. Kensington Palace shared a photo of a smiling Kate on Twitter, showing the pregnant mother-of-two in discussion with some 12 guests. The palace said: “The Duchess is keen to develop an understanding of the issues surrounding maternal mental health, and to learn what support is available.”

FIRST TIME EVER: Kate goofs around SHOWING OFF her baby bump on royal visit

FIRST TIME EVER: Kate goofs around SHOWING OFF her baby bump on royal visit. She may be a Duchess but that doesn’t stop Kate Middleton from goofing around from time-to-time.

The Duchess pulled some funny faces at Aston Villa Football Club. Photo (C) GETTY

The usually composed 35-year-old royal made an official visit to Aston Villa Football Club yesterday, where she met with people from the Coach Core mentoring program.

And the mother-of-two couldn’t help but show off her maternal side as she played tennis with the young kids, making funny faces and larking around.

Kate Middleton pregnant with third royal baby Photo (C) GETTY

The Duchess looked comfortable out on the football pitch, dressed in a $550 (£315.00) divert jacket by the label Perfect Moment, matched with a pair of New Balance trainers and a black turtleneck. The usually composed 35-year-old royal made an official visit to Aston Villa Football Club yesterday, where she met with people from the Coach Core mentoring program. At one point, Kate could be seen standing with her hands on her hips, making some pretty hilarious faces at a boy was just about to hit the ball.

Kate Middleton was pictured pulling funny faces yesterday. Photo Getty Images

Another snap shows the pregnant Duchess howling laughing with her mouth wide open. The Duchess looked comfortable out on the football pitch, dressed in a $550 (£315.00) divert jacket by the label Perfect Moment, matched with a pair of New Balance trainers and a black turtleneck.

Kate Middleton Hosted A Secret Meeting At The Kensington Palace

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton held a private meeting at the Kensington Palace to discuss maternal mental health issues!

On Wednesday, the Duchess of Cambridge was the host of a private meeting to discuss maternal mental health issues at the Kensington Palace. This round table conference was not announced before it was held but it focused on the issues of mental health. A photo of Kate Middleton smiling was uploaded by Kensington Palace’s official Twitter account, where the mother of two was seen with 12 guests. The Palace stated:

“The Duchess is keen to develop an understanding of the issues surrounding maternal mental health, and to learn what support is available.”

The Duchess of Cambridge who is pregnant with her third child with Prince William communicated with the practitioners of Maternal Mental Health Alliance, Anna Freud Centre, Family Action, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Kings College and Best Beginnings. Kate Middleton also spoke about the way she coped as a new mother. She stated that “rewarding and wonderful experience” but also, at times, a “huge challenge” that has left her feeling “a lack of confidence” for periods.

The Duchess stated that:

“Personally becoming a mother has been such a rewarding and wonderful experience. However at times it’s also been a huge challenge even for me, who has support at home but most mothers do not nothing can really prepare you for the sheer overwhelming experience of what it means to become a mother. It is full of complex emotions of joy, exhaustion, love and worry all mixed together. Your fundamental identity changes overnight. You go from thinking of yourself as primarily an individual to suddenly being, a mother first and foremost and yet there is no rulebook, no right or wrong. You just have to make it up and do the very best you can to care for your family. For many mothers myself included this can at times beat a lack of confidence and feelings of ignorance.”