What Turns Women On Based On Their Astrological Signs

It should come as no surprise that some women get turned on by different things. However, did you know that what women like in the bedroom can heavily depend on their zodiac sign?

Click through the slides to find out what your woman craves, and a whole new meaning to the classic pickup line “what’s your sign?”

12. Capricorn: BDSM

The Register

The Capricorn woman really enjoys having sex and is able to use it to express herself. She’s really into BDSM and loves when a man takes charge, making her beg for what she wants.

11. Aquarius: Anything Unique

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Aquarius women like to keep things interesting in the bedroom. They want to try new positions, and they love to be spontaneous and unpredictable.

Next up is Pisces.

10. Pisces: Lying On Their Side

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A Pisces woman likes to be laying on her side when she gets pleasure. Whether her man is in front of her or behind her, she feels that this position is the most intimate.

9. Aries: Doggy Style


This zodiac sign takes a powerful and dirty approach to bedroom antics. They like it a little bit rough and really like doggy style.

To see what the Taurus woman likes, click on.

Body Painted Model Walks Virtually Naked Through Mall And Looks For Reactions

A talented artist known as Jen The Body Painter has dazzled the internet with a recent stunt that she pulled at a local shopping mall.

Her Instagram account, @JenTheBodyPainter, has well over 21 thousand followers and is filled with images of models painted with spectacular designs. Her Patreon page describes how costly the designs are. As a publicity stunt for her talent, she painted up a young model and sent her shopping at a local shopping mall to capture people’s reactions.

A lot of people didn’t seem to notice much of anything as the model paraded around in her birthday suit. Armed only with a scarf, a thong, and some pasties, this model is virtually nude. The artwork and designs on her body are incredible.

Jen and her daughter teamed up to paint this model in the middle, who you might need to take a second look at to understand that she’s actually wearing body paint. Instagram | @JenTheBodyPainter
The process of painting a model’s body can take a great deal of time and energy. You have to cover virtually every portion of the body with paint. Yes, every nook and cranny!
Instagram | @JenTheBodyPainter

Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Wife Makes A Sad Announcement

Dog the Bounty Hunter was an American reality television series on A&E which chronicles Duane “Dog” Chapman’s experiences as a bounty hunter. With a few exceptions, the series took place in Hawaii or Dog’s home state of Colorado.

Production and airing of the show was halted by A&E on November 2, 2007, after an audio tape was released, featuring Duane Chapman using the “n” word repeatedly in a discussion with his son regarding Tucker’s black girlfriend’s.

Since the show’s cancellation, Dog’s wife Beth were recently hit with a scary diagnosis…stage II throat cancer. Apparently, Beth has been dealing with a bad cough that doctors found was caused by a tumor in her throat. The growth will require immediate surgery as it is blocking her breathing.

She says: “I’ve been dealt my share of unexpected blows over the course of my almost fifty years but nothing as serious as the one I heard from my doctors two weeks ago when they uttered those dreaded three words, ‘You have cancer.’”

“I’ve stared down the devil more than once in my life but I’ve never faced a real life or death decision. My life has never been easy, and I surely don’t expect it to start now. Still, I’ve never been a victim and I won’t let cancer beat me. I realize the road I am about to travel will be rocky, full of unexpected twists and turns. But I know one thing for sure. A bend in the road is not the end of the road.”

Parents Discover 5-Year-Old’s Odd Drawing, Realize She’s Sending Them A Dark Message


we still live in a world where authority figures are willing to do harm to children because they do not believe that anyone will ever find out about their misdeeds. All too often, we hear stories about priests who abuse their power and molest young children. We will never be able to wrap our heads around this poisonous mindset.

One family in Brazil was forced to experience this trauma firsthand when their little girl drew them a picture that contained a hidden message about the awful experiences that the family’s church had forced her to endure. When the girl’s father deciphered the message in her photograph and decided to confront the priest, the most shocking thing happened…

Here’s What Happens To Your Poop In An Airplane Toilet

This must be a topic you haven’t given much thought about – how does the toilet on a modern aircraft work? What does the built-in system do with your waste, once you are done going for a number two? In this article, this complicated system of waste management is going to be explained, alongside a few bonus bits of information that is going to expand your knowledge of how a modern airliner works. Let’s begin with the photos.

Don’t Worry About It

There are some people who worry about going for a number two on an airliner. This is because they fear that their waste is going to “drop” somewhere on the ground. The good news is that that’s not at all how the waste management system works.

You May Be Wondering Where the Poop Goes

You may be wondering, just how does the airplane’s system and plumbing works, and where does the poop go. To simplify the explanation, the poop goes from your belly, into the airplane’s belly. After that is where the true magic happens.

The Airplane Has a Number of Tanks

The previous picture’s description mentioned something about the “airplane’s belly.” That’s completely true, and that belly is just one of several tanks found inside the plane. These tanks get filled with waste, through the use of suction.

Pressing the Flush Button

Pressing the flush button in the airplane’s toilet is the first step of the process. Pressing that button opens a valve on the bottom of the bowl, which in turn exposes the contents of the bowl to a pneumatic vacuum.

There Are Suction and Holding Tanks

There are two types of tanks in the plane – suction and holding tanks. The differences between them doesn’t matter, but what matters is that you don’t want to overfill the holding tanks. Once that happens, they may start dropping waste outside of the tank’s storage.

7 Playboy’s Playmates Recreate Their Own Magazine Covers Around 30 Years Later

The famous Playboy magazine just recreated their cover photos of 7 Playmates and the results are beautiful. Featuring Kimberley Conrad Hefner (1988), Charlotte Kemp (1982), Cathy St. George (1982), Monique St. Pierre (1978), Renee Tenison (1989), Candace Collins (1979), and Lisa Matthews (1990) – the covers were recreated by photographers Ben Miller and Ryan Lowry for Playboy, around 30 years after the releases of the previous ones. Every single one proves that beauty is timeless and women can be sexy at any age. As Hugh Hefner once said: “Once a Playmate, always a Playmate”.

#1 Kimberley Conrad Hefner, Playmate Of The Year 1989, January Playmate 1988

Ben Miller and Ryan Lowry

#2 Reneé Tenison, Playmate Of The Year 1990, November 1989 Playmate

Ben Miller and Ryan Lowry

#3 Candace Collins, December Playmate 1979

Ben Miller and Ryan Lowry


St. Louis, Missouri | A 43-year old woman was arrested this morning by the St. Louis Police Department after she tore off her husband’s genitals with her own teeth as an act of vengeance for an alleged infidelity.

Amid her cross-examination, Christina Palmer Anderson admitted that she had been arranging her wrongdoing since she had amazed her significant another performing oral sex on her gem meth merchant, a weekend ago.

She told police that she had spent numerous hours honing her teeth with a nail document in the course of the most recent week, so as to make the mutilation simpler.

She at long last put her arrangement enthusiastically toward the beginning of today and started by tying her better half’s hand and feet to their bed, imagining that it was a piece of a sexual amusement.

In an astounding accomplishment of jaw quality, she at that point slice through her significant other’s private parts with her teeth, tearing his penis and gonads from his body. She at that point left him there, seriously seeping, to go in another room of the home and smoke drugs.

The casualty, 47-year old John Maurice Anderson, was, luckily, ready to loosen himself in a matter of minutes and call 911, preceding he at last lost cognizance. The police and paramedics arrived a couple of minutes after the fact, and quickly captured Ms. Anderson and transported her significant other to the Saint Louis University Hospital

“When the officers arrived on the site, the victim was naked, unconscious and covered with blood,” 

Police boss Jon Belmar told journalists.

“The accused was sitting on a couch, smoking crystal meth with her face and clothes full of blood. She immediately confessed to castrating her husband, screaming “I bit his dick off!” over and over again, and bragging about her crime.”

St Louis County Police boss, Jon Belmar, depicted the wrongdoing as “one of the most horrific he as seen in his career”.

Christina Anderson will now confront charges of first-degree residential ambush and endeavored homicide, and in addition ownership of medications and medication stuff.

Be that as it may, she should experience a total mental assessment before her trial can start.

Her significant other what put in a simulated trance-like state and stays in a “basic condition”, yet the specialists watching him never again fear for his life.

He will remain hospitalized for no less than seven days, however, the harm done to his private parts is lasting and will require some genuine reconstructive surgery.