14 Comics Depicting The Major Differences Between Lust And Love

When a relationship is in its early stages, there is always a confusion, whether it’s love or lust? It’s very difficult to fathom the differences as both results in a wonderful, joyous and celebratory mood. Whether this relationship is going to survive for a long period or it will disappear with the very first fight? No doubt, it’s hard to tell, but time will teach us, what the major differences are between lust and love?

Lust and love both have many differences, it has its own characteristics and goals. Sometimes lust comes at the expense of love and if it’s love, then never compromise it for the sake of lust. Let nature take its own course, just wait. Believe me, it’s worth it.

We bring you 14 comics depicting the major differences between lust and love. Check it out!

1. First, let’s see the Dictionary meaning and the differences between lust and love.

Lust (verb): To have an intense sexual desire; desire, be consumed with desire for, find sexually attractive, find sexy, crave, covet, want, wish for, long for, yearn for, hunger for, thirst for, ache for, burn for, pant for.

Love (verb): To have love or affection for; to have a profoundly tender, passionate affection for (another person), to have a strong liking for; take great pleasure in.

2. Lust eyes just the body, but Love appreciates her looks, appearance, intelligence, personality.

3. Words don’t really matter in love, but lust believes in dirty talk. Some weird differences.

4. Being close means a lot in love and lust understands that the deeper the better. Crazy differences.

5. Having an animal instinct is lust and love is a basic instinct.

10 Signs You’re Pregnant

Many women claim they can tell when they get pregnant. They just feel like something is different. With another life growing inside them, there very likely could be a different feeling since you’re no longer living for one…

But feeling pregnant and actually being pregnant are two different things. And over the course of the following pages, we will outline the 10 signs you’re pregnant that you should simply never ignore…

1: When pregnant, a woman’s hormone level increases. Women particularly see a rise in estrogen and progesterone. When these hormones increase, they can stop menstrual bleeding. Spotting and periods usually disappear for most women during pregnancy…

2: Morning sickness exists. But don’t think that pregnant women only vomit in the mornings. Don’t confuse the nausea of pregnancy with food poisoning or a stomach bug. Pregnancy causes hormone levels to slow down digestion…

3: Another one of the signs you’re pregnant is by how your vagina feels. If it feels swollen and sensitive, it could be a sign. Since your body produces more cervical mucus, the white discharge could also be thicker than normal…

4: If your breast feel tender during your period, know that this is nothing compared to how they feel when pregnant. Not only do breast sizes increase, nipples also darken in preparation for nursing. If your breasts are growing, it could be a sign of pregnancy…

5: If you’re getting menstrual cramps that don’t match your cycle, it could be actually be a fertilized egg attaching to the uterine lining. Implementation bleeding then occurs which can last a few days along with cramps…

6: You’ve probably heard it, but it’s true. Pregnant women need to go to the bathroom a lot! Because the body is producing more blood, your kidneys need to filter more of it which fills up your bladder constantly…

7: Tiredness, no exhaustion, is a common symptom of pregnancy. You might be falling asleep anyplace or anytime. This is normal. You just need rest. Since you’re growing a life inside you, it’s normal for your body to work overtime and need to recover…

8: If one week, a past dish is making your mouth water, and then the next you’re ill, this could be one of the signs you’re pregnant. The aversion to smells happens most often in the first trimester. But others need to deal with it throughout the whole pregnancy…

9: If the littlest thing, like a TV commercial, reduces you to tears, you might be pregnant. Mood swings are common for pregnant ladies. The changes in hormone levels and all the other stresses is reason enough for people to give you a break…

10: If a thin dark line appears from your navel down to your pubic area, this is a sign you’re pregnant. Linea nigra has always been there but hormone level changes cause the color to darken. Don’t shave it as it will go away after you’ve given birth!

10 Signs That He Just Wants to Get Into Your Pants, Not Your Life

We know, ladies. There are some guys out there who only want to bang. We know you know how to spot those lying horny toads, but there are some girls out there who have no clue how to find out their man only wants them for their bodies.

That is why we have compiled this top 10 list of the best ways to tell a man-whore from the real deal. And if you have a girlfriend who can’t tell the difference, be sure to share this with them!

10. Duh – He Cheats

Image result for man chating

Let’s get the most obvious one out of the way. Your boyfriend is a lying and cheating douchebag. This means he cares nothing about the independent and monogamous woman that you are and only wants you for one thing. #9 is an obvious one as well, but some girls often look past it.

9. He Doesn’t Pay Attention To You In Public

If your guy gives you all of the attention while you’re rolling around in the sheets, while you’re showering after coitus, or when you just wake up for a little morning nookie, then it’s all about sex. Make sure you find a man that gives you just as much attention in public as he does in bed.

8. He Avoids Meeting Your Family

Image result for He Avoids Meeting Your Family

This goes without saying. Any man who doesn’t want to take the time to get to know your loved ones doesn’t care about the people who made you the woman you are today. A man who really cares will want to spend as much time with them as you do. This same rule applies to #7 as well.

7. He Doesn’t Introduce Himself To Your Loved Ones

Image result for He Doesn’t Introduce Himself To Your Loved Ones

Any man who is worth keeping around for the long term will take the initiative to introduce himself to those you care about. If you notice your boyfriend spending so much time alone with you but doesn’t want to take the time to let your loved ones know who he is, then that’ll tell you everything you need to know about his intentions.

9 Warning Signs You May Be A Victim Of HIV Symptoms

HIV Symptoms is a sensually transmitted illness that causes on account of unprotected intercourse and in addition by getting involved with somebody who’s already a sufferer of it. Each illness has a gentle starting; it’s unpredictable to search out out the explanation behind merely a headache. It is advisable to learn your body each time with out ignoring any modifications you encounter.

#1 Fever HIV Symptoms

Sudden fever with the chilly could be a regular flu but when it stays for lengthy, it’s good to get it examined with none delay. It’s a main symptom of HIV. Whereas having the flu, sudden fever could be a regular thing. Nonetheless if this fever stays for too lengthy, then it’s good to go to your physician and do some backessments instantly. You could know that this can be a main symptom of HIV. Sudden fever that comes along with your chilly could be a regular flu but when it stays for lengthy, it’s good to get it examined with none delay. It’s a main symptom of HIV.

#2 Fatigue

HIV virus straight impacts your stamina and reduces your power degree. Your body solutions you for the brand new job you’ve got determined to start out even earlier than the day ends. At this level it’s good to know that the HIV virus straight impacts your stamina. This virus additionally reduces your power ranges. Subsequently if you’re feeling drained on a regular basis, you should go to your physician instantly. HIV virus impacts your stamina straight, so it clearly reduces your power degree. Your body solutions you for the brand new job you’ve determined to start out even earlier than the day ends.

#3 Muscle ache

Your joints, legs, and back begins aching arduous. It makes even the straightforward routine duties tough for you. In case your legs, back and joints damage quite a bit even when doing the on a regular basis routine duties, then it’s time to go to your physician. Your joints, legs, and back begin to ache arduous. It makes even the simplest routine duties very tough for you.

8 Things You Should Never Do After Making Love

1. Sleeping Separately

When you are done with sex, don’t try to sleep separately. Both girls and boys hate this. It has been proved in many studies that women get prepared for the next round faster than men so guys sleep before their girl hits the hay. This is something nasty and both parties find it annoying. Give them hug, cuddle and sleep when you both are ready.

2. Leaving All Of Sudden After Sex

Don’t leave the bed soon after having sex. It could be the case with both parties and it really hurts. If you are not satisfied with the last session, stay in the bed. Your partner may get ready for the next round and you may get the best round of the month. So just relax and show love for your partner.

3. Taking Selfies

Even people have been seen taking selfies while making out or when their girl gives them head. Remember, this is wrong and it may cause troubles for your relationship. The moments after making love are pleasant moments and should be enjoyed instead of taking bizarre selfies. Furthermore, your partner may not be ready for pictures.

15 Times When Being A Dad Was Not Easy At All


we spend most of our lives giving some much love to our moms that we end up taking them for granted and neglecting all the things they do for us. Sometimes being a dad is not easy at all, but our dads never fail to amaze us by simply doing their best and making sure everything is as it’s supposed to be, that way no one has to worry about anything at all.

1 She doesn’t look like she’s having fun


2 The world is a dark place, so you have to give them a taste of what’s coming


3 Everything is under control


4 Dad jokes never get old


5 Just a regular dad having some fun


Girl Arrested For Calling Ex-Boyfriend More Than 27,000 Times in A Week After Breakup

Breakups can be hard, painful and ugly but one thing is for sure, when a person came from a bad breakup, they should move on and accept the fact that the chapter of your life with your partner is over.

Kelly Murphy, 28, of Alberta was arrested for obsessing over her ex-boyfriend, Randy Williams. Aside from calling him about 27,639 times in one week, she also sent him 937 emails, 11,229 text messages, 117 sung messages, and 47 letters in the same period. This is insane!

Randy almost got into depression because of her. Though they have been together for only two weeks, it’s obvious Kelly couldn’t accept the breakup.

10 Things You Shouldn’t Do After Making Love According To Girls

Men can be jerks, and men know it as well as women. However, I partly blame their natural tendencies for that sort of behaviour. Maybe it is the general concept of manhood in a society that makes men think that they can get away with anything or maybe it is their genetic build-up. No matter what the case, if they are made to realize about their shortcomings, they will try to make things better and amend their wrong-doings. Hence today we want to make men realize these 10 things they do after sex that make girls go mad. It’s time to learn men!

1.Sleep Separately After Sex

Women love the cuddling thing (most of them) and so the idea of separating bed after sex is not appealing to them. Not only that, they can get offended by this act of going your separate way after obtaining what you wanted. It makes them feel used and disregarded.

2.Running To Washroom

She doesn’t want to get the impression that being with her makes you filthy so don’t run off to take a shower right after.

3.Leaving All Sudden After Having Sex

It would just mean that you left her hanging. She would over-think everything; like maybe she did something wrong or maybe you didn’t enjoy it or whatever. Stay a while.

4.Capturing Bizarre Selfies

Now men have a bad habit and that is they love to boast after having sex. The newest method for that is right-after-sex selfie. Avoid that or you may come off as a loser and a jerk in her eyes.

17 Famous Logos With Hidden Messages That We Bet You Didn’t Know

Logos are usually used to describe a message. Companies use logos to


Many of you don’t know that logos are not designed for just outer beauty but to convey some message. All the companies big or small do have their logos which becomes their sign of recognition. Logos are made in a very innovative way. A logo can be a single line, color or some specific color. Here are 17 famous logos that have hidden meanings and messages that you never would’ve thought. Have a look:


Adidas is one of the most famous companies out there. Adidas got this name from its founder Adolf Dassler. Its logo includes three stripes. Although the logo has been changed many times over the years the three strips thing is consistent. The strips are put together in such a way that a triangle is formed. The triangle in reality, shows a mountain. A mountain represents the life challenges of an athlete which he will have to go through over the years.


Baskin-Robbin is a very famous ice cream store. The pink color area of BR logo makes up 31 colors which are the number of flavors that it used to sell over many years.

15. BMW:

The middle part of the logo actually symbolizes the two rotating blades of an airplane. It also represents the history of technology of the airlines. BMW in reality, originated in Germany.

14. APPLE:

The Apple logo was originally designed by Rob Yanov. The idea of the logo came to him after he bought a bag of apples and placed them in a bowl. The bite in the design was to differentiate it from a cherry. He later realized that the word “bite” was similar to the word “byte”.


Apparently, Amazon logo does not depict anything but it does have a logic behind it. The orange arrow is equal to a smile, to make its customer feel friendly and satisfied. The arrow also raised a question that why is it stretched between A and Z. It shows that the company sells everything which a mind can think of.

17 Telling Signs Someone Is Interested in You

Life has become too fast nowadays. Each one of us is so engrossed in this race that we often forget about those who are around us waiting for us to accept their love. You never know someone around you loves you so much but is waiting for you acknowledge, notice and accept their love. Or it could be the other way around for yourself too. You might be in love with someone deeply but are waiting for them to accept it. Let’s explore some signals and sign which can help you judge if someone is interested in you!


17. They get around doing things you like the most

Does he order the same coffee as you when you guys are having coffee together? A person who loves you will always try to do things which you like the most in order to impress you or get your attention. Since “you” are his or her priority they will always ensure that everything is according to your wish in order to keep you happy and satisfied.

16. You get constant compliments from that person

Ooh! If they always end up complimenting you no matter even if you look like a total mess then you are lucky for sure! I mean we all know that no one looks perfect every time no matter what. So, if a person loves you this person will be giving you the sign by constantly complimenting you!

15. They tend to stay around you

If a person is in to you they will always stay around you and watch you like your guardian angel! Sounds lovey dovey isn’t it? That person will always stay around you and ensure that they are always there for you especially in times of need. They will always support you emotionally and will never ever let you down!

14. Support you in every situation

No matter how bad a situation is if a person is interested in you they will always always support you in every situation you are going through. I mean if someone is really in to you, he or she will never ever let you go through something bad alone. You will always have their company around you even if you do not want them to be they will always find a way.

13. Help you solve your problems

You will never find yourself in a tough situation and will always have a solution to your problems. If anyone is interested in you they will always make an effort to help you around in all the tough situations and will never leave you alone.