Camilla Sidelines Again As Prince William Tells Stories About Princess Diana To Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Camilla Parker-Bowles appears to have been sidelined once again from the royal family as the days are inching closer to the commemoration of Princess Diana’s death. In a recent interview, Prince William shared that his late mother Diana’s presence in their home has become more apparent as more photos of Diana are hung on the walls of their home.

The entire world will be commemorating the death of Princess Diana in August, and one of her sons, Prince William, is out to keep memories of the Princess of Wales fresh and alive in the minds of his and Kate Middleton’s children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Per Celeb Dirty Laundry, the 35-year-old prince recently told ITV in an interview that he tells Prince George and Princess Charlotte stories about their grandmother.

Prince William admitted that he was the one responsible for telling them such kinds of stories since Kate was not yet a part of their lives when Diana was still alive. Prince William shared that he tries to surround his kids with memories of Princess Diana by hanging more photos of her around the house and telling stories about who she was as a mother and as a person to let them know of her existence.

The publication notes that this may be Prince William’s subtle way of sidelining Camilla Parker-Bowles, especially after the Duchess of Cornwall released a tell-all book, the details of which seemingly attempt to change the public’s opinion about her. Furthermore, this statement from the Duke of Cambridge also seemingly hints on Camilla’s relationship with Diana’s sons, as neither of the three openly talk about each other on interviews.

There are also rumors that Prince William and Kate are trying to keep their children away from Camilla as much as possible; however, there is no way to verify whether such kinds of rumors are true. If there’s one thing that they keep their children away from, Vanity Fair reports that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are banned from using iPads at home.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are reportedly doing whatever it takes to raise their children the way other families do. However, it remains a fact that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are members of the royal family and this is already starting to dawn on them, as George is beginning to ask a lot of questions and noticing how different he is from his friends.

Camilla Parker-Bowles still just doesn’t get it. Of course she hates the majority of the royal family, they have all of the things that she lacks like class and respect. We have been telling you guys for weeks that the dysfunctional drama caused by Camilla has reached an all-time high thanks in part to the birth of Prince George. Prince William and Kate Middleton adding another future king to the family has all but insured that William will be next to ascend the throne. While it’s technically Prince Charles’ birthright he seems far more willing to give up his position than wretched Camilla does. She believes she is entitled to become the next Queen or Queen Consort and absolutely seethes at the notion of that crown being placed on Kate’s head first.

According to the Nov. 11th print edition of GLOBE Magazine Camilla showed up for George’s christening ready to rumble. It seemed that her goal was to absolutely unnerve and demolish Kate emotionally and once Queen Elizabeth caught wind of the situation she intervened. She had Camilla brought to the far corner of the chapel and it was there that Elizabeth gave Camilla a verbal smackdown. She is super protective of Kate and didn’t want this special day ruined by a lush like Camilla.

The queen strongly advised Camilla to back up before she loses everything because Elizabeth is absolutely in a position to take away her title and financial freedom with one blow. Apparently it never occurred to Camilla that the Queen would ever take such actions – at least not until now. Elizabeth’s threats seem to have shoved the Duchess of Cornwall back into her official corner but do you think that she’ll stay there for long? She seems to really love pushing Kate’s buttons. It’s almost a fun little hobby don’t you think? Would you love to see Camilla’s privileges stripped from her?

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