7 Things Every Woman Wants From a Man To Keep Her Happy

3. Be emotional

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It’s not unmanly to be emotional. Women love it when their men show emotions and show them their kinder and softer sides. I’ve always been emotional with my girlfriend, I’ve cried on her shoulder, I’ve been highly emotional about everything I’ve ever felt. It has always helped in making the trust between us grow bigger and stronger because I never kept a shield around myself in front of her. Be vulnerable in front of your women, you won’t be judged, you’ll only be loved.

2. Be their strength

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A man needs to protect his woman, mentally and physically. Be their strength when they’re down, be their strength in their ups and downs, always be their strength without them even asking for it. I’ve always been there for my girlfriend when she’s had dark times. It’s only natural for a woman to expect her man to protect her. Be the strength they need.

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