6 Things You Can Do For Your Partner That Are More Intimate Than Sexx

3. Take care of your partner when he or she becomes sick.

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While no one ever wishes their partner to be ill, there is no preventing whenever our immune systems decide to fail us. Sickness will come and go, but these moments of physical weakness can be seen as opportunities for couples to express their intimacy in a very nurturing and maternal manner.

4. Express your love to each other through writing.

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Intimacy doesn’t always has to be physical. Intimacy can also be expressed through words. In the advent of social media, the internet, and communication technologies, we have become a world wherein communication is easier than it has ever been. But somehow, our standards of communication as a species haven’t seem to have evolved. We still succumb to shallow expressions of gratitude or kindness, and we must do everything in our power to change that. Express your intimacy with your partner by writing each other deep and passionate love letters. You don’t necessarily have to be a modern-day Shakespeare; no one expects that of you. The only requirements you need to fulfill are those of complete honesty and love.

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