11 Things You Should Never Do To Your Private Parts

#5. Sanitize: Lots of woman use toys as another way to achieve orgasm, but ALWAYS make sure to sanitize before putting anything inside. That includes your fingers too!

#6. DIY Lubes: Sometimes a little is needed to make things pleasurable for the woman. But not just anything will do. Do you research and make sure you find one that is right for you. Avoid anything with flavours or that give a warming sensations as they can cause irritation.

#7. No more scented soap: Lots of women have concerns about the smell of their vagina, but adding scented soaps to the mix is not the solution. Washing with these can lead to infection and irritation because of the chemicals and other synthetic ingredients. Smell has a lot more to do with the pH balance in your body, so if you want to affect that it’s more about diet.

#8. No Perfume!: You may also be tempted to spray yourself with perfume, but that’s another big time no no as it can really upset the area.

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