10 Things All Women Do When They Are Cheating In Relationship

6. She’s Purchasing New Lingerie But Not For You

While we’re still discussing physical intimacy, let’s cover a huge warning sign that most men tend to ignore. If she’s purchasing sexy lingerie and not once has she mentioned saving it for a special occasion with you or wearing it for herself, let’s just say that the chance of it being for another man isn’t zero.

5. She’s Constantly On Your Case About Things

Another essential characteristic of a fulfilling relationship is respect. The way you talk, treat and act towards each other speaks volumes about how much respect you have for one another.

When a woman takes a 360-degree turn by feverishly pointing out your flaws and is constantly searching for any reason to nag you about unnecessary things, this could be her way of sabotaging the relationship in exchange for another.

4. An Unexpected New Friend Appears In Her Life

Some people believe that men and women are incapable of being friends, especially when attraction levels are above average. To some extent, this statement can be validated by the numerous accounts of people who have cheated on their partners with a new “friend.”

Simply ask yourself the following question: does she engage in any flirtatious behavior with him? If so, be very wary. If you decide to confront her, you may want to check out the next slide before you do.

3. She’s Evasive When You Confront Her

Perhaps you’ve mustered up the courage to be straightforward and confronted her about your suspicion of infidelity. If her response is convoluted, redirecting or vague, she could be hiding something from you.

Not making a choice is as good as making one. The ideal response is a strong refusal. Anything less is a sign of danger.

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