10 Things All Women Do When They Are Cheating In Relationship

Nothing is as heartbreaking as waking up one morning and discovering that the woman you have invested time, money, emotions and energy in, is cheating on you.

Society has painted this stereotypical image of men not committing to any single woman but the exact opposite is true. Most men are looking for a companion in life and finding that special person validates any amount of sacrifice and commitment required to build a healthy relationship. Unfortunately, that’s just a single component of the dating equation.

Truth be told, it’s harder to maintain a relationship than to start one. With that being said, we’ve drawn up a list of 10 warning signs that may shed some light on whether or not your partner is as committed to your relationship as you are. Slide 7 is a major warning sign, don’t miss it!

10. She Suddenly Has An Unfounded Interest In Your Routine

A fine line exists between a woman being clingy and suspiciously inquisitive. If her motive for inquiring about your schedule isn’t to spend more time together, it could be fair to suspect that something fishy is going on.

This wouldn’t be the first time a man has unexpectedly returned home to find his woman in bed with another man.

9. She’s Become Withdrawn And Distant

The longevity of any and every relationship depends heavily on the quality and quantity of communication between two people. One of the most worrying signs to look out for is when your partner displays a weird sense of withdrawal and a lack of communication. Always keep in mind that secrets breed lies.

8. Her Phone Becomes Her Most Prized Possession

Although online social networking has brought about an abundance of opportunity and entertainment, it hasn’t come without its fair share of drawbacks. Nobody is advocating the idea of men snooping around phones, but when your partner becomes overly possessive and secretive of her phone, it could be because she’s indulging herself in some meat candy (if you know what we mean). As worrying as this sign is, the next one is far worse.

7. Her Interest In Romance And Sex Drastically Decreases

Without physical intimacy, your relationship is nothing more than a friendship. We’re not just talking about sex, physical contact in the form of kissing, cuddling and flirting are all essential attributes of a healthy and romantic relationship. If she presents a serious lack of interest in romance and sex with you, her partner, she’s possibly getting it from someone else.

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